How to sign out or sign out of my Netflix account on my Samsung Smart TV

Logging out of Netflix on a Smart TV has become an inconvenience for many, most users when they want to log out of their Netflix account seem unable to. But in reality they can, and only a few movements with the remote control are enough.

From the manipulation of the account, sometimes the process of logging out becomes a bit difficult, which is strange because in the other devices this option is visible to the naked eye. But hey, the truth is that it happens, and here you will learn how to log out of a Samsung Smart TV, read on.

How do I log out of Netflix from my Samsung Smart TV?

Perhaps one of the reasons why you cannot log out of Netflix on the Samsung Smart TV is a virus, and is that like other electronic devices, the Smart TV can be infected by viruses , so first you should clean it completely .

When you click on the account or profile section within Netflix, from a Samsung Smart TV, the option to ‘Close Session’ does not normally appear.

The solution to this is given with the remote control; If you don’t have a remote control for your Samsung Smart TV, don’t worry, you can make your mobile phone become the control.

The ‘Code to follow’, using the control arrows, is simple and only merits the use of the arrows: Up> Down> Up> Down> Left> Right> Left> Right> Up> Up> Up> Up.

log out log out of my netflix account on my samsung smart tv

Once this sequence is followed, the account settings will automatically be reflected, and in the lower left part of the screen you will have the option to ‘Close Session’, which you will click with the control (OK), and then to ‘Yes ‘, to confirm.

What other drawbacks can occur in Netflx on a Samsung Smart TV?

In general, all Smart TVs are excellent in their performance, and the way they entertain users at home is unique.

It is strange to see or hear someone say that they are having problems with their Smart TV. But sometimes it happens, and we only have to offer a solution, rather than to criticize the brand or these types of devices.

In this sense, a frequent problem (if it exists) is that of the WiFi connection, since these devices require good internet coverage and stability to function optimally, and more so if it is Netflix, what will be used .

Samsung Smart TVs sometimes do not detect wireless networks , being a serious problem for users who want to browse or watch Netflix.

But in addition to that, when they manage to detect networks of this type, and have excellent network coverage and stability, when watching television other than through the internet, notifications or any type of distraction that disturbs the user tend to come out. .

For this reason, it is convenient to deactivate or remove the WiFi of a Smart TV , and that will save a lot of inconvenience, as well as a correct use of the Samsung Smart TV.

Netflix from a Samsung Smart TV, what are the existing advantages?

At first, Netflix was a platform used only for computers, with the condition of viewing it only through this type of device. 

sign out of my netflix smart tv account

However, there was the wonderful tool of being able to connect the computer, as long as it allowed it through an HDMI port, to a flat screen TV with the possibility of accepting this type of port.

Then, over the years, Netflix opened up to mobile applications, and now it is at the hand of any cell phone that has a Netflix account in its domain, being able to watch series and movies at your fingertips anywhere with stable internet connection.

In this way, the number of devices that allowed access to this series and movies platform also evolved or expanded.

To the point where it can now be seen from a television with internet access, such as the so-called Smart TVs, the Samsung brand being one of the most efficient in the entire current technology market.

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