What are CSS Exfil attacks and how can we protect ourselves in Google Chrome and Firefox?

If you have wondered what are CSS Exfil attacks ? And how can we protect ourselves? Well, you should know that this is not a mystery, or something complicated to do, what if you must be careful about which websites you visit when browsing, since these can be vulnerable to errors and looting of information. , you can check this through the certificate issued by your browser on the page.

As technology advances, so do the ways to collect information illegally. With which our data can be affected or stolen for illegal purposes, such as the falsification of our identity.

What are CSS Exfil attacks?

The CSS standard was implemented to give a better view to web pages, assigning functions that have a more aesthetic purpose and easier to visualize, it is still used today by many pages and developers. However, this programming model has its flaws and it is very easy to get information out of it.

For this reason, criminals have sought a way to get information, through the so-called CSS Exfil attack, they also do this through how the browser opens web pages, so it is always advisable to know which pages we are visiting. As well as verifying that they are recognized as a secure website.

Fortunately, not everything is lost, nor is everything said in terms of security, since there are methods to increase the security of our browser, adding small extensions or micro programs to make it easier to detect these attacks. 

css exfil attacks protect us google chrome firefox

Before installing or performing any procedure, it is important to keep your browser updated , so that there are no errors when installing and everything can work correctly, thus ensuring that our data will be protected.

How can we protect ourselves in Google Chrome?

Chrome offers us, through its app store, several extensions that can help us protect ourselves against attacks of this type, among these tools, we have “Decentraleyes”, an extension that allows us to block tracing of our IP address, giving us total protection against tracking applications.

Site Bleacher can also be useful to us, since it is automatically in charge of erasing our trace of the web pages, which are hosted in our browser. It should be noted that this tool is completely free and has a support that keeps it updated, as the previous one can be found in the app store and is free.

Another extension a little more dedicated to CSS is the so-called CSS Protection, which you only have to install to have it active, this can be used in turn with all the previous ones, thus providing powerful protection against various types of computer attacks, which seek to steal your personal information.

All these add-ons can be installed in turn in the portable version of Google Chrome , without any inconvenience, but to install them you have to have a stable internet network, since downloads will be made.

How can we protect ourselves in Firefox?

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most used browsers worldwide, and its users prefer it for multiple reasons, among them is the lower consumption of system memory compared to other web browsers. 

we can protect ourselves in google chrome from ccs exfil

And despite the fact that it is always innovating and adding security settings, it can become a victim to an equal or greater extent than Chrome, to computer attacks like the ones we have mentioned above. For this reason, the programming community that Firefox on a daily basis, has not been left behind, and they have adapted many of the extensions that were originally born for Chrome, to this web browser, thus ensuring that security is maintained in both.

In the Mozilla application store, the ADD-ONS we will find the Site Bleacher, which will have the same functions as the views in Chrome, even having a greater range of use since in this browser you have a little more freedom when deleting the data that our data and passwords reveal.

Likewise, if we are most concerned about CSS Exfil attacks, the extension to block these is also available here, and all you have to do is go to the store and search for it. Then you have to click on get now.

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