How to activate the dark mode of Microsoft Office in a simple way?

Learn how to activate the dark mode of Microsoft Office, it is quite useful for people who decide to take care of their eyesight. It is also important for those who feel overwhelmed by computer light.

It does not matter if you have installed Microsoft Office in Windows 10 for free , you will still have access to this mode. Thus, soon you will be able to use or use Microsoft Office correctly without damaging your eyesight.

Some years ago, Microsoft adapted the dark mode to use the toolbar, control panel, and worksheet background with a matte black hue. It is available for versions from 2006 to the present.

There are many operational advantages to this functionality, however it is an attribute that depends on the demands of consumers and their tastes.

Step-by-step guide: Activate dark mode in Microsoft Office

Activating dark mode in Microsoft Office in a simple way is based on the following step by step, which can be applied to various versions of the program:

Open the platform

The first step is to enter the Office program where it is expected to apply the dark mode, once loaded we proceed to look at the upper left area. In this section the user will find the option of “Control Panel “.

When you click, the following will be the display of a column and several functions of the program. In the lower left area, there will be another list of options, press the one that says “Account “.

An important point within this criterion is that if the user has the English version, this button will have the name “ Account ”. However, you can choose to try changing the language of Microsoft Office to Spanish.

dark office word icon

Select the desired color

Once entered, the program will refer the user to a new page where they will have several selection commands. In the right area you will find a section called “Office Theme ” or “Office Theme “.

Choosing the down arrow will display a new list with a series of colors for the open Microsoft. This will be the right moment to select the shades that the consumer likes the most.

As in this article the idea is to turn it into dark mode, the ideal is to press the button that says the word “ Black ” or “ Dark Gray ”. However, you can opt for other more aesthetic themes such as white or gray.

Where can the show be seen?

It is very important to note that the black is not seen in the entire program, since the worksheet remains white for the improvement in the development of operations. However, it can be seen in the toolbars, menu, control panel, among other commands where you can highlight the dark mode in Microsoft Office.

The intention of colorimetry is based on improving the development of consumers in the program, which is why it is applied in strategic areas evaluated by the company itself.

These are the advantages of dark mode

Microsoft Office’s dark mode goes much further than just a simple color or aesthetic taste in the program, but it also has the following advantages:

modify word theme option

  • It has great benefits to reduce eye problems such as myopia, among other progressive injuries. In addition, it helps reduce fatigue in the eyes of people with long working hours.
  • It is very useful for people who work at night, since the light will not be as intense as the default option.
  • It does not bother the people that the user may have around, so it is of great use in computers such as smart devices or tablets. In addition, it exponentially reduces the absorption levels in the electrical energy of the devices in question.

These are the downsides of dark mode

In some rare cases, especially during chronic injuries, dark mode could be detrimental to long-term health. Many people have to strain their vision to distinguish commands with function. According to some experts, for some consumers the dark mode causes problems such as headaches, headaches or fatigue.

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