How to turn off or mute the microphone in Skype during a call

In a computer, the process does not change much, because it was the same computers that started the process of using the internet to communicate. In fact, there were many programs that let us chat with other people from all over the world without any problem that was quite the rage: Windows Live Messenger.

However, over time Windows Live Messenger was being put aside by Microsoft because they wanted to support with all their power another chat program and others, Skype. Although we cannot fairly compare the two programs, we can say that Skype is a pretty solid program today.

If you do not know what Skype means , you should know that it is based on video calls, calls and chat to be able to communicate with others, and it has been quite effective in this since it brings all the comforts that come with the use of calls, such as it may be to mute a microphone, which is what we are going to talk about next.

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The conveniences of Skype

Just as we said before, Windows Live Messenger was an extremely robust platform that millions of people enjoyed on different operating systems. In an era where many mobiles did not have half the functions that those of today have (that changed in the last years of its existence) it was a very complete platform.

But, Microsoft had the opportunity to invest in a new platform in Skype that could benefit it in the long term and with which to have a change of appearance towards a more modern and complete one that it was looking for for its next operating systems.

Thus, we have been left with only Skype, and despite what many people may say, it has proven to be an extremely good program in different areas. Video calls are simple to use, quite stable and easy to configure from the options, which means that you can spend hours in a video call without feeling too uncomfortable.

However, when you spend so much time on a call, you may be forced to mute the microphone you have for the call from time to time.

You may need to sneeze, want to talk on the phone, or are going to play music; but the truth is that you most likely find yourself needing to mute your microphone and luckily Skype lets you do it.

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Mute microphone in Skype

Most platforms that specialize in calling and video calling have a microphone mute button within a call, and  Skype is no stranger to this.

It is quite easy to be able to mute a microphone when you are on a call, since you only have to press the microphone- shaped button that you see at the bottom of the screen.

This button can easily see the side of the button of “End Call”, and can be used whenever you want to feel comfortable or privacy when you need it .

Remember that this is a process that does not change much between platforms, so it will be the same on your Skype for tablets or mobiles.

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