Crippleware what is it, what is it for and how does this software license work?

With the remarkable evolution of technology today, there are numerous terms that are handled in the computer and digital world. Reason why, many users can find certain expressions that they do not understand, even when they handle something based on it.

In this sense, this is precisely what happens with “Crippleware” which refers to a terminology composed of “Cripple” which, in Spanish, means “Amputated” and also by “Ware” which means “resource or element”. Which can be used both at the software level as well as at the hardware level (to refer to those devices that have not been designed for their full capacity).

However, due to the great importance that this expression has taken on the web, many users want to know everything regarding its operation, its most important characteristics, some key examples that allow a better understanding of what it is about and other details; Therefore, in this post, we will focus on all of this.

What is a Crippleware and how does this type of program work?

Basically, Crippleware is a terminology used to refer to the basic and limited versions of certain software. Which means that it has less functionalities and therefore takes up less hard disk space and consumes less memory as well.

Taking into account that these types of programs have been created in order that users can use the basic functions of a software without restrictions only for a time, so that the client decides to pay for the more advanced features later.

In other words, Crippleware is defined as any program that cannot be used completely, only until the user registers or cancels a kind of membership for it to be able to use it without inconvenience. Since, in the form of Crippleware, the main features are disabled or blocked by default, to only operate when the customer purchases their license for use.

On the other hand, regarding its operation, we limit that this type of limited programs have two types:

  • The first of them refers to that class of software that supports the activation of some features of the application (not all).
  • The other modality of Crippleware that allows the user to take full advantage of all the program’s functions, but only for a defined time or during a few sessions. So, upon completion of said period, your payment or registration will be necessary to execute it again in its entirety.

What are the main features of the Crippleware versions?

Although the particularities of a program in the Crippleware version are really basic, it is also necessary to distinguish which are the most important innate details of a software of this type. In view of this, users will be aware of its operation and the different solutions that may arise during their browsing on the web.

Thus, having clarified this, we proceed to specify the most interesting characteristics of any Crippleware :

  • Usually, these programs and / or applications are free versions of certain large-scale software.
  • All Crippleware lacks the advanced features of the original program and, in most cases, they are completely crucial oddities.
  • In general, they are applications used to increase the popularity of complete software, without having to offer them for free. In other words, it is a software marketing model.
  • They stand out for being based on concepts such as “shareware” and “freeware” for the distribution of programs on the network.
  • One of the most common examples of this kind of application, we see it in those programs that can block the “save” option that is required to store the changes made in a certain document. With this, the user will consider that the program is useful and proceed to pay for a registration key to unlock said function (in this case, “save” ).
  • In the case of hardware of this type, the functionality of the devices is deliberately limited to encourage users to buy better and more expensive versions. Well, it is not designed to its full capacity.

Examples of Crippleware programs What are the Lite versions of the most popular programs?

Although it is true, a Crippleware program or application means the same as a Lite version, since the latter is based on those lighter versions of a certain application. Which means that, it also fills a little space, consumes less device resources and uses less battery, as is the case with Crippleware.

In this way, many users with low-end equipment choose to use a Lite version in order to test only the most common features of a specific application without being able to access the most advanced ones. This being an advantage and at the same time a limitation that developers have implemented in the digital world.

Now, it is appropriate to know which are the most famous programs that offer their users Lite versions, at present and, therefore, at this point in the post, we proceed to mention the most recognized of all:

  • Facebook Lite : It consists of an app that occupies less than 1MB, manages to work on all mobile devices, is specially designed for 2G networks and slow connections, allows you to chat with Facebook contacts without having the Messenger application installed and its interface is more reduced than the original.
  • Instagram Lite : It stands out for being an official client of the famous social network that is much lighter than normal and can be used on Android devices with limited and not very powerful Internet connections. Thus, it allows you to share photos and stories in a simple way, but in none of these contents it is possible to apply effects.
  • Spotify Lite : Of course, it is a simplified version of the well-known streaming music application. Which is characterized by using less storage space and using less mobile data than usual. Since, it provides you with a mechanism from which you can monitor and establish a data expenditure, as well as simply free up space.
  • Twitter Lite : It is part of the Lite or Crippleware trend and, basically, it is characterized by showing an operation up to 30% faster than the standard version. It also adds a data saving mode and weighs less than 1MB to provide the basic functions of the service. But, it does not issue notifications of interactions in real time.
  • Opera Mini : Unlike most options for browsing the web, Opera reveals less resource consumption and, apart from that, it has optimization tools for website loading and optimal data savings; all this, directly from its Lite version, which is considered one of the most recognized of its kind.

It should be noted that, of course, there are many more Lite solutions on the market, but in this post we have only pointed out some of the most famous today.

Crippleware vs Shareware Which is better and how are they different?

Finally, it is worth mentioning that versioned programs such as Crippleware (or Lite) are similar to Shareware and, for this reason, many users assume that they are the same types of programs, but they are not. Since, although both are free and do not provide the complete product indefinitely, Crippleware is used to offer a functional product in an incomplete way, while Shareware provides the complete software, but limits it.

In this way, we highlight the main distinction between a Crippleware-type software and a Shareware, although there are also other truly decisive differences that, we point out below :

  • Once the user agrees to a Crippleware proposal, they will be able to try all the available options without any limitation (considering that others are available only in the paid version). Instead, the Shareware is responsible for providing the product with limitations in its functionalities or availability and, once it is tested, it is usually eliminated.
  • According to the user’s point of view, while a Lite program has the ability to fulfill full functions, a Shareware provides them incompletely.
  • In general, Crippleware programs allow you to use the basic functions of the original software (for example: a text editor that generates documents and does not support their storage or printing), but Shareware simply works as an explanatory brochure, that is,, they cannot be useful in the real world.

Having clarified all of the above, it is possible to affirm that Crippleware type programs and / or Lite versions are much better than Shareware programs. Since the latter reveal a greater number of limitations, they do not show the true functionalities of the original version and are not considered useful, since they are simply used as a kind of display and, apart from that, they crash more quickly than the Crippleware after your free trial.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks!

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