What are the most used ports to hack servers

As we know, servers are essential for Internet connections. They are essential for games, communications, email, web pages in general. There are many ports on the network that allow access to these servers, as well as the content in general. There are thousands of ports and many of them have specific functions. Some may be open for a certain tool to work. In this article we are going to see which ports are most frequently hacked.

Most hacked server ports

There are certain protocols that generally use a port. Some servers are designed to transfer files, others to access remote computers, exchange messages, play online …

As we say, there are many ports that are present in the network. There are certain protocols that normally use a specific one. Let’s see which are the most attacked, putting them in order.


Undoubtedly one of the most popular ports is 21. It is the one that corresponds to the FTP protocol. It allows the transfer of files between different computers that are connected to a TCP network.

Generally, this protocol uses port 21. It is used to remotely authenticate to a server. Hackers, within the options where they set their sights, take this specific port into account.


Another widely used port is 22 for the SSH protocol . It is designed to control and modify servers remotely over the network. It has a mechanism to authenticate a user and was created as a secure replacement for Telnet.

Today it is one of the main targets of cyber criminals. At the end of the day, as we say, they set their sights on what is most used and where they can therefore be most successful.


Although it is an old protocol, it is still very present. Hackers can also set their sights on this port 23. It is a tool that allows us to connect remotely to another computer. Very useful for example to carry out a remote repair.

As we say, it is an old protocol and has been somewhat obsolete. Precisely SSH came to improve security.


SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. It is used for the exchange of messages through e-mail between different devices connected to the network. For example, we can send a message from a computer to a mobile phone or vice versa.

It generally uses port 25 on the router and is, once again, one of the most attacked by cybercriminals.


It is another basic protocol on the network. HTTP is what allows us to transfer information on the web. Indispensable for browsing the Internet and for the pages to show us the content correctly.

By default, the port they usually use is 80 and thus joins the list of the most attacked.


The HTTPS protocol came to make connections more secure. It basically consists of adding an encryption to the HTTP protocol. In this way, when we browse a web page that uses this protocol, our data would be protected, without being exposed so that possible intruders could steal it.

It uses port 443 as standard and is also one of the most frequently attacked by hackers on the network.


The last port that we want to show in this list of the most hacked is 110, which generally corresponds to the POP3 protocol. It is the one used by local email clients to get messages that are stored on a remote server.

Ultimately, these are the most hacked server ports. As we can see, they are some of the most used in the day to day of private users and companies. They generally serve to communicate and that our devices can access the information remotely.

It is always important that we keep our computers protected, that they are updated and that we take care of the ports that we have open or exposed on the network. Computer security is very important and many key factors come into play.

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