Free OpenVPN servers from different countries and without restrictions

When we want to surf the Internet anonymously, or try to protect our privacy on the Internet, we often resort to VPN services to hide our public IP address. Today in RedesZone we are going to show you a list of free OpenVPN servers, which are located in different countries, and which do not have any type of restriction. These services will allow you, for example, to bypass geographical restrictions easily, to watch local TV over the Internet.

What is a free OpenVPN server good for?

VPN services allow us to hide our public IP address when we browse the Internet, if we connect to an OpenVPN server, all traffic between the origin and the VPN server will be encrypted and authenticated, in order to protect communications if we connect to a open WiFi network or an insecure network. OpenVPN is one of the most widely used protocols that we can currently find in VPN networks, along with IPsec and WireGuard, but OpenVPN is widely used because it allows us great versatility, security and cross-platform compatibility, and we will only need to install the OpenVPN software in our computer or smartphone, and connect to a remote OpenVPN server.

OpenVPN is widely used in professional and home networks, we can configure a remote access VPN to access all shared resources and the different subnets of the company or home, with the aim of exchanging files, printing remotely and much more, as if we were physically on the local network.

Currently there are OpenVPN servers for free access and use, these servers are available through different websites, when we connect we will forward all the traffic tunnelled by said OpenVPN server, so the traffic will be encrypted from the origin to this server. The danger of free VPN servers is that we do not know who will be behind these types of services, therefore, it could capture all the tunnel data that is not encrypted, such as DNS requests, but they will not be able to decrypt HTTPS or FTPES traffic, therefore, it is advisable to use these servers with additional protection.

FreeOpenVPN: List of OpenVPN servers to connect for free is a web page that will give us all the necessary information to connect to different OpenVPN servers around the world, and it will also do so without any type of speed, time, or “megabyte” restriction. Let’s imagine that you want to access a certain resource that is only available in the United Kingdom, the United States or Russia, because thanks to the OpenVPN servers that we have available here, we will be able to access it without any problem.

How to connect to FreeOpenVPN

The first thing we have to do is download the OpenVPN software, this software is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS and even Android and iOS operating systems. Below, you can see the direct links for downloading:

  • Windows (all versions): OpenVPN Windows Installer
  • Linux: It is downloaded from the repositories, for example for Debian: “sudo apt install openvpn”
  • MacOS: Tunnelblick

If you are going to connect from mobile devices, and these mobiles use Android or iOS, you can download OpenVPN from the official store, both Google Play and App Store:

OpenVPN Connect – Fast & Safe SSL VPN Client
Developer: OpenVPN

OpenVPN Connect
Developer: OpenVPN Technologies

Once downloaded and installed, what we have to do is go directly to the official website of and click on “Get Access” where we want to connect. Currently this service has OpenVPN servers in these countries:

  • USA
  • England
  • Russia
  • Germany
  • Holland

A very important detail that we have to take into account is that connecting to these services does not imply that you commit crimes, in fact, on the web it indicates very clearly that if you carry out any type of hacking, spam or other type of act, it will be reported to The authorities.

Once we have accessed the « Get Access» area, we can download the OpenVPN package for both UDP and TCP, and it will also indicate the username and password that we must use. The password will change periodically every 10 hours, therefore, we will have to be aware of the website.

Once the .ovpn file with all the information has been downloaded, if you are using Windows systems you must locate this file in the path C: Program FilesOpenVPNconfig, and if you are using mac OS, Android or iOS, you must import it directly from the software itself. On Linux systems, just run the following command: “sudo openvpn /file_path.ovpn” to start the VPN.

We have carried out some speed tests, and the performance of the VPN in England is around 25-30Mbps symmetric, as you can see here:

You must bear in mind that, although the traffic from your computer to the VPN server is fully encrypted and authenticated, once it “passes” from said server, it goes without this encryption, unless you are using HTTPS connections, which then yes it is encrypted, but the encryption layer of the VPN tunnel ends at the server.

Another website that will provide us with free OpenVPN services is freevpn4you, the system is exactly the same as FreeOpenVPN (thanks to Klaus Kolosha’s comment). We will only have to take the connection information, and later connect with our OpenVPN client, either through a computer or mobile device.

In any case, our recommendation is that you always set up an OpenVPN server, where you have full control, and thus have greater privacy and security, since you can never know if these services are monitoring all connections and the traffic that passes through their networks. Another option that you can also do is to hire a VPS server in a country, and you want to connect via VPN to your server, you can set it up yourself without problems.

In case you do not have the adequate knowledge to set up your own OpenVPN server, either on a router or on a NAS server, we would recommend giving services such as PureVPN or Surfshark a try, among other paid VPNs. The good thing about paid VPNs is that each one has its own software and application, and its use is really intuitive, in addition, they are very fast and have very interesting additional features that are worth trying.

We recommend you visit our complete compilation of the best free VPN services, both for smartphones and computers, where you will find other totally free VPNs to connect and surf the Internet safely.

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