How to find out what my private and public IP address is – Quick and easy

What is an IP address?

The IP address is a set of numbers that uniquely identifies a network interface; in a logical and hierarchical way, to a device that uses protocol.

In the case that you use the internet, the IP address serves as an identifier , so that other users and online servers can know where they are going to send the information you are requesting and communicate with each other through the internet.

These are of the utmost importance, as they allow us to locate and communicate with billions of digital devices that are connected to the internet and to be able to differentiate them from others; just as one person needs the other’s WhatsApp number to be able to communicate. Therefore, it is important that you know how to find your address, be it public or private. 

Public and private IP address

There are two types of addresses: private and public; the first case corresponds to the exclusive address of our computer, in our internal network; the public one is given through a router or modem to the companies that provide the internet and give that number; said number is a particular identifier, such as an identity card.

To find out where your private IP is, you can go to the menu and by placing cmd; A window will appear, being there you can write ipconfig and all the results will come out; in the third part, with the subtitle wireless LAN adapter ,  you will get the private IP address of your computer.

http: // ID codes

To find out what your public IP address is, you can go to the internet and in the Google search engine or whatever you have, you look for my IP; You will see many results, but select a specific one: quémiip.net;  When you enter that page, it will automatically show you your public address. That number is given to you by your modem or internet router company. 

Shared or dedicated

You will also know if it is a shared or dedicated IP; When we talk about shared IP, it refers to when several people are taking with that IP or that number, the same connection; so several computers will give the same number, but only in your sector or the locality where you are.

 And that happens because the internet company can put the same IP address in a few addresses that are nearby, this is called shared IP.

The dedicated IP is when the company provides you with an address exclusively yours, so that it serves as security and no one else can access your information. To find out where this IP is, we press the button that says geolocate IP; When you click, you will see a map where it tells you specifically where that IP is. 

web security

If you want no one to know your information or IP, you can choose to use one of the proxies that we recommend here. If someone wants to find your IP address, it will appear as if you were in another country, or another address that is not your real location.

In this way, very easy and fast, we learned how to know where your public and private addresses are located, how to know if your address is shared or dedicated and above all how you can do to have greater security and privacy when entering the internet . Another issue that may interest you is to know if you have a dynamic or static IP , here we also explain it to you without complications. If you liked the information you can leave your comments at the end of the article.

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