How to remove taskbar in full screen mode in VLC

Are you one of those people who like to use your media player in full screen? If so, you sure love VLC. Would you like to remove the taskbar in full screen mode in VLC ? Here we tell you how to solve it.

Many prefer it for its versatility and the multitude of options it offers when configuring video playback and user interface preferences.

Taskbar and full screen mode in vlc

You need to know that to activate the full screen mode you have more than one option. You can do this by double clicking on the screen or using the F11 key.

However, if you use F11, the lower task bar and the menu at the top will remain permanently active on the screen in full mode, you can double-click on the screen and the upper menu will disappear.

In addition, you can activate the extended screen mode by pressing the letter F; so you can see your video in a better size, and you can exit by just pressing F again or pressing the Escape key (Esc). But you will still see the player’s taskbar active at the bottom. How can you remove it?

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How to remove taskbar in full screen mode in vlc

  • First, open the file you want to play in VLC;
  • second, activate the extended or full screen mode using any of the options, double click, F11 or F, if the toolbar is still active at the top, double click on the screen to remove it;
  • third, drag the mouse cursor to either end of the screen, some say to the lower right corner, but the truth is that while the mouse is inactive, the lower taskbar will be invisible, the slightest movement of the mouse makes it visible.
  • In summary, you must do everything possible not to move the mouse cursor and that way you prevent the taskbar from making noise while you enjoy the video that you are playing VLC Media Player.

You can take full advantage of VLC Media Player, familiarize yourself with it and with the variety of options it offers you, you can record your screen, such as to prepare tutorials or show some failure to someone who wants to help you; download YouTube videos, play files of different formats, add subtitles, bookmarks, etc.

VLC Media Player is ideal if you want to play some video while you are doing other tasks at home. Why? Because you can set it as desktop background. This way you don’t have to maximize the player at every opportunity, but it will be anchored to your desktop. You can even use the video as a wallpaper.

You can also use a multitude of player tools to record your webcam , put subtitles to videos, bookmarks, watermarks; The truth is that if you explore every corner of this multimedia player you will get to know the range of parameters that you can take advantage of when playing videos and even making some extras.

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Remember, you can enjoy your VLC player in full screen, without the toolbars and taskbar making noise in your sight. You can activate the screen using the three options that we mentioned. Don’t forget that if you use F11 both bars will be active during playback. But with a double click the top bar disappears.

Finally don’t get tangled up. You don’t have to do anything complicated to remove the taskbar from the bottom of the player. You just have to keep the mouse immobile, when the cursor remains inactive the taskbar will remain invisible.

We hope that these simple steps can remove the task bar in your VLC without problem. So that you enjoy the entertainment when you activate the extended screen of your VLC. You can also take full advantage of it.

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