How to delete or remove a DiDi ad forever

Today we will teach you step by step how to delete or permanently remove a Didi ad forever in, keep in mind that because it is free software they have the need to earn money while you observe each advertising given.

How to delete or remove these Didi ads?

Before starting the process, you should know that these methods will serve both for Didi and other applications that offer the same free service as they generate income through advertisements, games or pop-up tabs.

geolocation app didi

Through external applications

  • AdBlock : It is an application that you can download from the play store and google extension which helps you eliminate any kind of filtered content or unwanted advertising, initially you can enjoy its free version but then you will have to give a low monetary reward.
  • UBlock Origin: It has an open code which serves only as an extension for Chrome, Safari, play store, Edge and Opera servers. One of the advantages that its use brings is the little storage space it occupies.
  • Free AdBlocker Browser: It can be said that it is a style of browser which does not let advertisements cross the screen of your cell phone since it blocks them immediately, however, it is a totally free service that is compatible with all servers .
  • Wipr: Currently it is only available in the Play store, but it works correctly in terms of Didi’s ad removal , all you have to do is install and configure which applications you want it to work with.
  • Firefox Focus: It is a new browser that replaces safari, it has the best technologies among them including removing ads from any App or pop-up tab. Its services are totally free and you can download it from its website or the Play store.
  • Purify: It is a paid service, but with very low cost, as its name says, it helps to purify your entire cell phone or web browser to erase various advertisements or spam, one of the advantages it brings is that it helps to improve speed both of your internet as of the telephone.

If you are thinking of installing one from google and not play store in the security and blocking options, you must allow access to downloads from unknown sources as long as they are from secure pages to avoid malware or Spyware that damages or steals all the information we have on the electronic device.

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How to delete ads directly from the Didi app?

In some cases your cell phone allows you to delete Didi ads from the application. But how to do it? It should be noted that service applications such as Didi need an extra means for their income, but it is quite annoying to have to wait for the announcements, this is usually called ” Necessary evil ”

Using Chrome

The first thing we will do is open our Chrome browser and remove the option.

  • Open the browser and press the 3 dots in the upper right corner and enter settings.
  • Go to website settings select the option “ pop-up windows ”
  • Disable or remove permission to open them.

And ready!

Through Opera

Opera is a browser that is generally default on some cell phones so:

  • Go to settings at the top.
  • Click on the ” Advertising ” tab
  • And set the option of “ Integrated ad blocker ”

This is the most effective method if you don’t want to download third-party applications.

Using Firefox

As a last option we will use Firefox which in my opinion is one of the most complicated and in turn brings more publicity to our Smartphone.

  • In the bar part paste about: config.
  • Select Disabled Open During Load and enable True
  • Then look for Disabled Open Click Delay and activate true again.

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