How to download AutoCad Mobile premium 360 Apk for free on Android for students

Download and  activate the latest version of AutoCAD Mobile Premium 360 Apk for free on Android, is to have a powerful apps that allows us to use easy DWG tools to make drawings; edit, create, view and share everything from your Android mobile device.

AutoCAD mobile Premium Apk free for students, it is the official apps for telephone devices of the program used to make 3D drawings, this application has a free Premium option for students and teachers that gives them the opportunity to access content and study plans in a way free.

Now students can continue their work wherever and whenever they want, even if you don’t have an internet network at the moment. Follow us and we will show you how to download this effective and useful tool to your mobile .

AutoCAD Mobile Premium 360 Apk Free on Android for Students

Apk file once installed on your mobile

Before downloading AutoCAD Mobile Premium 360 Apk you should be aware of how you are going to use the Apk registry, which is applied to Android both to distribute and to install its different apps (applications) on mobile phones.

The Apk consist of files from an app (application) especially from Android that is very similar to the “.exe extension that is used for Windows”.

Now , how are you going to use this file on your mobile after it is downloaded to your device? Here we will tell you how to do it in simple steps:

  • You must download the program “AutoCAD.apk” on your mobile, to do so proceed as follows.
  • If you are going to download the apk on a computer, you must be aware of transferring it to your Android mobile.
  • Activate the “third party” function. Enter the menu, then press “Settings”, then “Security”, and select the option “Unknown sources”.
  • So that the app can be installed on your mobile from a source other than “Google Play Store”.
  • Access your mobile, look for the file “AutoCAD.apk”, click on this file and it will immediately begin to install, make sure you follow the instructions it gives you. As you request information, you must click on all the questions where the word “yes” is read.
  • Clever. Easy true.

autocad program

Accompanied version

To access this version of accompaniments in AutoCad mobile premium 360 Apk you will only have to follow the following steps to the letter:

  1. Go to the link
  2. Once there you will see the bar that says “Education”, go down to where it reads “Educational Community” (the letters are in blue) there click on “get products”
  3. Here you must access your “Autodesk” account, if you still don’t have one, don’t worry, you just have to click on “register” and fill in the information it asks for. If you already have an account, click on the blue icon that says “Start”
  4. Completed the previous step, scroll to where it says “AutoCAD” select it.
  5. Then, click on “download now” and choose the version you want, the language and you must also choose the “operating system”.
  6. You will receive a message to the email address you provided when you created the account, both a serial number and the password.
  7. You will need these later to be able to install the CAD program and finally unlock it.
  8. Lugo you must click where it reads “Download from the Browser”.
  9. Later, you simply proceed to install this free version.
  10. At this point, it will ask you for the serial number and the password that was sent to your email, enter it so that you can unlock this product function.
  11. Finally, when you start this program, just activate the license and that’s it, you can start living the experience that this tool offers you.

Tools offered by AutoCAD Mobile Premium free for students

The free AutoCAD mobile premium platform offers its users, students and teachers the following specialized tools :

  • (WIN / MAC)
  • Architecture of (WIN)
  • Specialized Electrical Tools
  • Tool for grouping objects or elements or blocks
  • Map 3D Tool (WIN)
  • Mechanical Tool (WIN)
  • Specialized MEP Tool (WIN)
  • To Plant 3D tool (WIN)
  • Raster Design Specialized Tools (WIN)
  • Mobile app tool
  • Tool to insert and apply texture

autocad tool

Currently due to the drastic changes we are experiencing in society, we have had to adapt to carry out our daily activities each day.

Aware of this, the developers of AutoCAD Mobile Premium 360 Apk for Android allowed free use of their software for all students and teachers; providing the entire educational community with a great alternative to be in contact in an easier, more comfortable, free and safe way. Now with all this information you are ready to download these apps.

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