How to insert emojis or emoticons in Excel formulas with the keyboard?

Actually this idea that Microsoft has added to its latest versions has been implemented and becoming more common than it seems.

So if you want your spreadsheets to be more outgoing and eye-catching, keep reading this article to learn how to insert them.

Use your keyboard to insert emojis into Excel formulas

Adding these symbols to the keyboard will help you start inserting emoticons into Excel sheets, although these don’t usually appear on the physical keyboard.

That is why, based on the versions of Windows that have been released by Microsoft, you will find a way to view them. Creating custom emojis for Android and iOS  is easy, the tricky thing is to relate them to Excel.

The use of this type of symbology will depend on the way you want it to express results or form part of the formula.

To add them, there are multiple methods that are directly related to the version you use, either by the physical keyboard, the on-screen keyboard, through the numeric keyboard or by copying and pasting it in the spreadsheet.

In the formula bar you will take care of transcribing the formula you want to make, and that is where you will choose whether to use the Emojis to modify the display of the sheet.

Excel spreadsheet with emojis

It is important to emphasize that the symbols must go inside the quotation marks in each function that is established, in the same way that it is done with the texts.

A formula that can serve as an example is the following, where the question marks will be replaced by the Emojis of your preference:

  • = IF (F3> 1; ”??”; ”??»)

Ways to add emoticons depending on the version of Windows you have

Either to insert Emojis in Excel or in any other Windows task, you need your keyboard to show the option to be able to add them.

Windows 7

For the dates when this version was being published, there was still no quick access to this style of characters on any type of keyboard.

Therefore, if you want to review the list of Emojis to select which one you would like to add to the sheet that you develop in Excel, you must perform the following steps:

Pressing the “Start ” key will display the basic Windows menu, and in the search engine you must type “Character Map ” to open a window.

Among the sources you will look for the so-called “Segoe UI Symbol ” and it is by navigating in that section where you will find the Emojis available on the computer to use.

different emojis on keyboard

You must press twice the left click on the symbols so that they are displayed in the name bar “Characters to copy “, then press “Select ” to copy and paste it into Excel.

Touch or screen keyboard

As of version 8.1, Windows allowed to activate a section for symbols on the screen keyboard , which works to insert Emojis in Excel formulas.

You will be able to access it through the task bar that can be displayed at the bottom of the screen with a keyboard icon that you simply have to press.

There a happy face symbol will be displayed on the left side of the space bar where you will find a collection with all these characters.

Windows 10

One benefit that this version has offered for user interaction is to create the shortcut to show emoticons through a combination of keys.

To do this it is necessary to press “ Windows +. ”To bring up a small window that will contain the same collection of Emojis that are shown on the keyboards of mobile devices.

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