How to easily compare two PowerPoint slides side-by-side?

Comparing two PowerPoint slides can be quite necessary in case you need to see if there is symmetry between them and see the continuity of the information. Keep in mind that there are a couple of fairly simple options that can work with any of the versions of PowerPoint that exist, we explain them below.

If you want to work with the homogeneity of the slides, PowerPointe also gives you the option to edit the master slide of your presentation and in this way make the background, gradients and graphics similar.

How to compare two PowerPoint slides?

When dealing with manually designed borders or styles in PowerPoint, we may need a little help to make them look exactly the same. Compare them in the best way to achieve homogeneity between the slides, to achieve a presentation of great visual quality and very striking.

Comparing two slides will be very useful if you decide to make a change to one of the slides and then copy this change to the next. An example is when you decide to change all the fonts in your presentation  or when you want to adjust the size of images or photos.

Making the comparison can be simple, you can do it between slides of the same presentation or do it with two presentations, both methods are simple. If you want to copy the background of a presentation to use it in yours, this technique will be useful.

Consider that you have to handle PowerPoint correctly to understand how to make the comparison without much problem, especially if you want to edit them while comparing.

Compare two PowerPoint slides in the same presentation

PowerPoint, as has been said many times, has a large number of options that we sometimes ignore due to ignorance. To make this tutorial understandable, we will talk about the options, in a general way, so it can be applied in any version of PowerPoint.

First, access the presentation where the slides you want to compare are located, while there, go to the ribbon and select “View / View”. In the list of options, you must select “Slide Sorter” this will generate a view with all the slides, where you can see them side by side.

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It only remains that, using the mouse, you drag the slides to compare one next to the other, facilitating the task of seeing their details. The only problem that can be found with this option is that you will not be able to edit the slides or their content, you will only be able to observe what to do.

Compare two PowerPoint slides in different presentations

This option is excessively simple, but in a way, it can be more useful than the previous one, the comparison is done quite quickly. First, you must select the presentations in which you want to compare the slides, open both and follow the steps below.

With the first presentation, reduce it until it occupies the left half of the screen and with the other, it occupies the right half, so you can see both presentations at the same time. The great thing about this option is the ability to edit and work on both slides without the need to close either one. You will be able to copy data from one document to the other.

Also, if you are using one of the slides as a database or as a guide to make a new presentation, you will be able to read the data with ease.

Why Compare Two PowerPoint Slides?

PowerPoint is the best application that Microsoft has developed for creating presentations, being able to edit absolutely everything you want.

This is why comparing a couple or even more presentations will be easy using this application that can handle them with ease. In addition, the options that can be used to compare slides can work for many more things, such as creating simultaneous presentations or taking data.

two slides compared

We can highlight the fact that PowerPoint allows you to create slides in different ways, in such a way that you can create different designs and see the homogeneity. The need for equality or similarities, becomes prominent when we want to achieve a specific style, providing quality in the work and managing to please clients or bosses.

Remember that comparing PowerPoint presentations can be an easy way to get great results with no similarities and a good presentation style. Finally, we recommend using original content on your slides. If you create them from scratch, it will be easy to edit each element so that when you compare them, each element is exact.

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