How to blur or pixelate a face or face in a photo or image with Paint

One of those jobs that some people look for is how to distort faces, which although it sounds somewhat tedious and requires professional applications, is super simple.

Why would anyone want to pixelate a face?

There are several reasons why a person would want someone to hide their face or be distorted, and although it is not a very necessary thing in family photos, for more professional reasons a pixelation of a wandering face could be the salvation of a lawsuit.

A child may need privacy

In some documents, especially in journalism or documentaries, it is recommended and even required to alter the faces of children, to prevent potential crimes against the child from being committed or simply because their legal guardian or parent does not want their identity to be discovered .

Sometimes there are memories that don’t have to be remembered

But not all are journalists who can face lawsuits or must prevent crimes, it may simply be that some old photo has someone who is not wanted to appear in it.

The quick edit for social media

In the world of social networks, a good photo can be taken with many techniques, and sometimes creating expectation by covering the face or altering it can give interesting results, even in horror or mystery photomontages, the possibilities are endless.

How does Paint enter the equation?

It is true that the application does not have the most complex tools or the most professional results, that is why it is an application pre-installed in Windows and simple to use; but that should not be an impediment to expect interesting results.

In addition, there are people who do not have the time to use the professional applications that are on the market, since the ways that other applications have can take minutes to make, and in the worst case completely alter the original image, but with Paint pixelating is very simple.

image editing program

Now, how to blur or pixelate a face in Paint?

Paint has simple and fast tools for everything. When it comes to pixelating an image, it is necessary to have the image in question in a file cabinet accessible on the computer, having it you just have to open it in the application.

There are two ways in which you can select an image to open it in the program, simply by copying and pasting the image or by opening it from your computer.

Copy and paste without errors

You may want to pixelate an image viewed online, possibly in the images tab of a particular search engine.

If so, you just have to copy the image, either by selecting the image from the page or search engine with the command Ctrl + C and pasting it in the program with the command Ctrl + V, or using the “Paste” tool that has as icon a paperweight.

Opening the file cabinet and the image

If there is an image that is saved on the computer, it is only necessary to search in which folder or file it is located, when searching for it, select it with the right click, then select “Open with” and search for the Paint application to edit it.

girl with pixelated face

When you open the image, you have to use the “Select” tool on the portion of the face that needs to be pixelated, then you just have to take one of the corners and alter its size, reducing it and increasing it repeatedly until it has been pixelated. satisfactory.

Sometimes selecting the image with the grid tool may not be enough, as the face may be on its side, so the “Freeform Select”  tool can make the process easier.

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