The 25 best websites to watch live and delayed football

The Internet has made it possible to follow and watch football at any time, both live and delayed. Before it was only possible to follow the games in specific places or on television, but with technology new ways of appreciating this sport have been created so that fans do not miss anything. Therefore, if you are a soccer fan, you should know that there are numerous pages to watch it no matter where you are.

Next, you will know different pages to watch football live and on a delayed basis, whether at work, at home or on the road, you have numerous proposals to follow your favorite team or not miss expected matches. In the next section, you will find websites available for free and by paid subscription. In this way, you will be prepared to know where to follow your favorite matches and teams without problem.

Gol Television

Gol Televisión is a Spanish TV channel that has its own website, where you can watch live football matches for free and access its different sports programs. The site presents an interactive and easy-to-use interface, in addition to having sections where you can see sports summaries, direct reports and a television guide.

Official page: https://goltelevision.com/

Direct Red TV

This is one of the most popular pages to watch football live and for free on the Internet. It has been around for many years on the web, so it has constantly changed its domains for legal reasons. Despite this, it is an excellent option to watch matches in South America and Europe, in addition to other sports disciplines, such as MotoGP, Formula 1, tennis and basketball.

Official page: https://www.rojadirectatv.tv/

Batman stream

Batman Stream is a great free option to watch live football, as it has a practical design and is easy to use, even though it is in English. It has non-invasive advertising and has more than 30 channels to watch matches from different parts of the world. It is a responsive website, so you can watch your favorite team play from your Smartphone or Tablet without problems.

It is worth noting that this website has various categories of sports that you can watch online, including golf, hockey, basketball, tennis, among others. However, most of its users are South Americans and Europeans who prefer to enjoy soccer matches.

Official page: https://www.batman-stream.com/

EliteGol TV

On EliteGOL TV you will find soccer matches from different parts of the world. So, it is an excellent proposal to watch your favorite matches online or recorded and thus pick up those that you could not appreciate. The site has a wide number of channels to watch various events related to football, among them are the cups and leagues such as the Premier League or the Spanish League, as well as world championships at the time.

Official page: https://www.elitegoltvhd.es/


DAZN is one of the newest sports streaming platforms on the internet. It started in 2019 and today it provides unlimited access to a large selection of live and delayed matches from any smart device. However, for now it is available in Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada, Austria, the United States, Switzerland, Italy and Spain.

Official page: https://www.dazn.com/

FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports is a free site that, due to legal issues, has undergone different changes in its domain, but is characterized by the transmission of soccer and other sports at an international level. As a result, it is a good choice for those fans of the European soccer leagues and other sports.

Official page: http://xn--firstrowsport-8xe.eu/soccer


This is a free page available in Spanish where you will find a wide variety of sections to watch live television, including sports. By choosing this site, you will have at your disposal all the links to access broadcasts or channels without having to search for them one by one. Therefore, it is a great option to watch live football from famous television networks.

Official page: https://www.teledirecto.es/category/sports/

Live Soccer TV

Currently, Live Soccer TV is one of the best pages to watch football live and for free. The site is in Spanish and covers the major leagues of the sport, also providing live football statistics, live action, commentary, news and goals in real time. Therefore, it is a great option for fans of this discipline.

Official page: https://www.livesoccertv.com/es/

Ultrasports TV

Despite being in English
, Ultrasports TV is one of the most acclaimed platforms by users, since it is responsible for transmitting live matches, for free and in HD resolution. Plus, it provides access to most of the popular soccer leagues, such as Bundesliga, LaLiga, UEFA Champions League, and more. Similarly, it also offers broadcasts of other sports such as tennis, hockey and others.

Official page: https://www.ultrasports.tv/

Facebook Watch

Nowadays, it is possible to enjoy live and delayed football thanks to Facebook. Through its “Facebook Watch” streaming function, it is possible to find live and exclusive broadcasts of some matches, such as the Copa Libertadores, for example. In addition, many official pages such as Fox Sports offer clips of the most important moments of the matches they broadcast, so this platform is an excellent free option.

Official page: https://www.facebook.com/watch/


YouTube is a platform known for its unofficial and delayed broadcasts of the most popular football matches, such as the Real Madrid vs FC classic. Barcelona, ​​the Bundesliga, UEFA Champions League and in the World Cup era too. However, it is now possible to subscribe to channels and watch live football for free.

Official page: https://www.youtube.com/


Stream2Watch is a platform with which you can watch live football for free, at the expense of some pop-up ads while your matches are being played. The page is in English, but it allows you to watch broadcasts of baseball, football, rugby, volleyball and soccer. To do this, it incorporates streams from external sources, which makes it a very complete website to watch sports.

However, due to the large amount of pop-up, misleading and invasive advertising that takes place on the platform, it is advisable to use a good ad blocker to keep your computer safe.

Official page: https://live.stream2watch.sx/


It is a transmission platform where you can watch live football from various sources, which is easy to use thanks to the simple interface it offers. Here, you can enjoy football, hockey, golf, tennis, basketball and baseball games. To watch the game you want, you just need to click on the game you want and a link with the video will open.

Official page: https://www.sportrar.tv/


Footballia is a very complete page and directed exclusively for sports fans. It has a large repertoire of football matches and data about it. In total, the site has more than 17,000 uploaded matches, all from different championships, times and countries. To access them for free, you simply have to register with your email.

Official page: https://footballia.net/es

Full Match Sports

It is a page with a very simple and easy-to-use interface. Despite being in English, it has an excellent section with different sports disciplines, such as football, Formula 1, and MotoGP. Full Match Sports has an extensive menu in which you can locate the league or championship according to the country or season of your choice, being able to find La Liga, the Copa del Rey, Champions League and more.

Official page: https://fullmatchsports.co/


It is the official UEFA website, where you can enjoy delayed football, for free and in excellent image quality. On this page, you will be able to see international and national matches, as well as those belonging to the lower categories of women’s and men’s football. To do this, it will only be necessary for you to register to access their services.

Official page: https://www.uefa.tv/


On this page you will find a variety of matches belonging to different sports disciplines that are very popular today, including soccer, cricket, tennis, American football, rugby, among others. Despite having advertising, it is a site where you can enjoy live matches that are hosted on other websites. Its interface is somewhat outdated, but it is still an excellent option to watch your favorite sports in streaming.

Official download page: http://crickfree.be/


MamaHD is a free website where you will find links to sports broadcasts, especially football to see it live and direct. In addition, it has a schedule in its main menu, where you can see the time of its functions and how relevant they are. Apart from football, the page has other special sections, including Formula 1, basketball, wrestling and popular competitions such as the NHL and MLB.

Official page: https://www.mamahd.ws/

Live TV

Live TV is a platform where you can enjoy sports content from different parts of the world live and for free, including football. The page is characterized by providing calendars of the broadcasts to be published of its different sports disciplines. Likewise, it has a betting section to expose predictions of different competitions and another results section to visualize how the contests end.

Official page: http://livetv.sx/es/


Despite not having the best security protocols, it is an excellent proposal to watch all kinds of sports matches and championships, including football, completely free of charge. The page presents programming from very popular channels, such as DIRECTV Sports, HBO, Caracol Internacional, ESPN, among others. However, it has a certain amount of advertising that can hinder the user experience.

Official page: https://www.pirlotv.fr/

The house of Tiki Taka

With this page, you will be able to enjoy for free and online different European and Latin American channels to watch sports, soccer being the most popular among them. It is perfect for monitoring complete championships, as it provides an agenda with current programming of all the matches to be broadcast.

Official page: https://www.lacasadeltikitakatv.net/home.php


SportLemon is a website that offers a variety of sports disciplines to enjoy for free and live. To do this, it has a list with different events to locate the one you want to see easily. Among the sports that the site offers are basketball, baseball, boxing and hockey. In general, it is an excellent option to watch football live and in an acceptable quality.

Official page: http://sportlemons.net/


ESPN is one of the most popular sports television networks today, offering live football broadcasts for free, although many of its games are blocked behind a paid server. Despite this, it is a good platform to see, know news and analysis on the figures and popular championships of different sports, such as basketball, hockey, golf, soccer, NASCAR, UFC Fight Night and more.

Official page: https://espndeportes.espn.com/


DeportesOnline is one of the most complete pages to watch football that exists, as it has a record of the scores of the last matches and the opportunity to watch them live for free. It offers different alternatives to allow you to see the championships and leagues you want, among them is the Copa Libertadores, Champions League, Bundesliga, Liga MX and more.

Official page: https://www.deportesonline.com/


For a monthly fee
, you can enjoy live football at all times and without complications. All you need is to register on the Movistar website and hire their services to enjoy a large list of leagues and cups available live, including La Copa del Rey, LaLiga Santander, UEFA Champions League, Europa League and international leagues, such as the Bundesliga, Premier League, among others.

Official page: https://www.movistar.es/particulares/television/tv-futbol/

It is very important to have a good Internet connection to enjoy the best pages to watch football live and delayed previously narrated. This in order to allow you to view your favorite games live in excellent quality and without annoying pauses that may affect your user experience.

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