How to add and configure an email account on iphone or ipad? Step by step guide

Sometimes you may not know how to add different email accounts on your iOS device, or maybe you are a new user and you recently received or bought an iPhone or iPad and you are confused when synchronizing them with these devices.

In some cases it is very useful to have your email accounts linked to your mobile devices, either to be able to respond immediately and comfortably or to be attentive to the information that arrives and then respond appropriately.

In this tutorial we will explain step by step how you can configure and add your different email accounts on your device, regardless of its version. We will also teach you how to have several emails synchronized to be able to view them without any inconvenience,  so that you can carry out a correct administration of these without having to use a specific application for each domain you use.

Steps to add and configure an email account on your iPhone or iPad device

It is very important to know the steps that are fundamental to configure and link an email account on iOS devices, because if you  do them incorrectly, you will see the inconvenience that they will not reach your computer.

Add an email account on iPhone and iPad

Adding an email is very easy to do, as long as the steps are followed correctly, there should be no problem. There are two methods for adding email accounts, the automatic method and the manual method.


It allows us to add various accounts as they are; ICloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo! , AoI. , Outlook.com.

In order to add them, you must do the following:

  • Go to the  “Settings” option .
  • Choose “Accounts and Passwords”, you will choose “Add account”.
  • You will now search for your email provider.
  • Enter your email address and password.
  • Click on “Next” and wait for the confirmation to arrive via email.
  • Then you will proceed to configure the information belonging to your email that you wish to observe on your device, such as the contacts.
  • Press “Save” and you are done.


This option allows us to add different emails, such as those belonging to our work, Hots provider or even our own web domain if we have any. This is a more complicated option than the one we explained previously, so we ask you to pay more attention with the steps that we are going to explain below.

The steps to add them manually are as follows:

  • Go to the “Settings” option .
  • Choose the option “Accounts and Passwords”, you will choose “Add account”.
  • In the option where different providers appear, you will choose “Others”.

  • Then click on the “Add account” option .
  • You are going to put your name, your email, password and a brief description of its functionality. Example : business, personal, work, friends, etc.

  • Click “Next”.
  • Mail will try to add the configuration automatically,  finishing this one, if it manages to get the correct one, the option to “Accept” will appear  for you to finish.
  • If Mail can’t find the correct settings, you’ll have to add them manually. Click “Next”.
  • Select POP or IMAP  for the new account you want to add, if you are not sure which type to choose, contact your email provider.
  • Enter the incoming mail server, as well as the outgoing server and the password for both fields. Click “Next”.

What apps allow syncing emails on iOS?

There are different applications that allow you to manage your emails from your iOS devices, such as Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, Triage, Spark etc. Some of these, like Google Gmail, make it easy for you to manage other profiles from itself, without having to open a section through another tool or website.

In this case we will talk about Spark,  a platform designed exclusively for iPhone and iPad, in order to unify various email providers in one place. Allowing its users to manage various profiles from a single place and with the ease that they are added automatically to the device , just by following a series of steps that we will show you below.

The interface is available directly from the App Store and it works for free. Although it also has a paid version which provides an additional service to its users.

Here are some of the email providers available for Spark:

  • Gmail
  • Yahoo!
  • Godaddy
  • AolMail
  • Hotmail
  • Outlook
  • Office 365
  • Exchange
  • iCloud
  • GMX
  • Zoho
  • FastMail

To add a service in Spark you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Open Spark on your device.
  • The introduction screen of the application will appear, you can read it or click on  “Skip” to skip it.

  • Enter your personal or work email address . Keep in mind that in this field you must add the email of the account that you want to synchronize with Spark. Click “Next”.

  • Enter the password of the account you want to sync and then hit the “Allow” option so you can use your Gmail profile from Spark.

To add other email providers,  just follow the same steps with another alternative address.

How to configure Spark to view Gmail email on iPhone?

In order to view and manage your Gmail email as well as other accounts using Spark, you just have to follow a series of simple steps that we will explain in detail below.

  • Open Spark.
  • In the upper left part you will be able to locate the option “To justes”, click on it.

  • You are going to choose the “Settings” option .

  • You will choose “Mail Accounts” and then “A nadir counts.”

  • Click on the  “Gmail” icon .

  • Log in to Gmail and allow the application to access it.
  • Select the way you want Spark to handle your notifications.
  • You can choose between:
    • All (all)
    • Do not notify (no notifications)
    • Smart (Smart)
  • Press  Done to finish.

Can you set up a POP3 / IMAP email account on your iPhone or iPad smartphone?

It is possible to configure your POP3 and IMAP email account on your iPhone and iPad without having problems when performing this action. Previously we explained what steps you have to perform to be able to execute the configuration. You can reread a little above.

Is it possible to have 2 or more email accounts added on my iPhone phone?

It is totally possible that you can manage two or more email addresses from your iOS devices without complications, and there are even applications such as Spark that allow you to manage your accounts from one place, without the need to move from a tool to manage your mail from another provider.

It is also to configure Gmail, which has the function of adding and synchronizing other e-mail so that you can manage it from one place. Although it should be noted that these options have a limit on how many accounts you can synchronize. But without a doubt it is a great alternative to unify all your work.

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and it will surely be of great help to more members of the community. Thanks!

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