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How to put a subscriber count in OBS in a YouTube live

Currently, YouTube videos and direct videos of people doing various activities are one of the two most popular things on the net. Everyone wants to make a living from playing video games or doing anything over the internet.

Live shows are a good tool to earn money. The point is that with OBS we must customize our scene so that it is really different from all the others . One of the things that adds a unique touch to it is having a live subscriber count.

Luckily, it is not complicated at all to learn how to put a subscriber count in OBS in a YouTube live and this is exactly what we are going to see a little below. Follow this simple tutorial to the letter and you will quickly have your meter running automatically.

add automatic counter

Add a Subscriber Count in Live OBS

  • The first thing you should do is have OBS downloaded and installed on your computer.
  • After this we are going to open OBS and we have to go to the scene where we want to add the subs counter.
  • In sources you should already have everything configured to be able to stream, so we are going to skip this part.
  • We are going to use the Live Counts website. But here we will only use this URL:
  • What would my channel ID be? To know it you simply have to open your own YouTube channel and in the address bar after / channel / what follows is the channel ID.
  • Then the URL that we are going to use would be, for example: UCosik_6Y-ULQm8Xu3macZ5Q
  • Remember that the ID should be from your channel and not the one that appears above.

count live subscribers

How to add a subs counter in OBS

  • Now with the Live Counts address modified with your channel ID. You will need to go back to OBS and add a new source.
  • Click on the “+ ” symbol and a new pop-up menu opens where the option you have to choose is “Browser source ” or “Web browser “.
  • Next, you should name it “Counter “. This is mostly in case you have many sources, so you can locate the counter in case you want to edit or delete it.
  • Once you accept, a new window appears where you will have to paste the URL.
  • The problem is that you can see the entire Live Counts page and this obviously does not look good at all. What you have to do is go to sources and locate “Counter ” or whatever you have put it and simply right click on “Counter ” and then go to “Filters “.
  • A new window opens and we must go to the lower left and click on the “+ ” sign .
  • We see a menu with several options, the one we are interested in is “Trim “.
  • Now you have to remove pixels from the boxes that you can see at the bottom. You can add the amount you want, delete and change the value as many times as you think necessary until it is as you want.

Then we simply accept and we can modify the size from the OBS editor itself to accommodate it wherever you want. You can do the live without problems with OBS since as people subscribe this number will automatically go up.

It’s that easy to learn how to put a subscriber count in OBS in a YouTube live. In a matter of a few seconds you will be able to add a subs counter that will work in a fully automated way.

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