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Hi5: how to recover photos from old accounts

Loneliness can be a problem and being a bit shy can keep you from seeking someone’s company. Currently, there are pages on the Internet that help you meet people and even make appointments, but their interface and way of socializing can seem a bit aggressive or “empty” for many.

Hi5 is one of the pages that excels to search for couples or dates in the web world. It has a simple interface and similar to any social network, so it will be pleasant to use. If you are from the old school and have a Hi5 account, but you don’t remember your username or password, there are methods to recover it. It will show how to familiarize you with the renewed platform.

What is Hi5

Hi5 is a social network focused on young people with the intention of meeting and making appointments. You can enter without prior registration, using your Facebook account or your Gmail account. When entering through Facebook, the same profile photo and data will automatically be placed on both platforms.

It works similar to Tinder, where you can look on a wall for all the photos that relate to your tastes. It gives you the option to give likes and even the possibility to “Buy” to people. This market, where they can buy you symbolically, is the method of how you become popular on the social network. Although its use is free, there are some important functions for which you must pay.

Recover old account and download photos

This website has been in existence since mid-2003 and many of its accounts are still active. If you want to recover your username, you must have access to the email with which you registered, you can there the information will be sent to you to recover your account. Here’s how to do it:

  1. You must open the following web address: There you must enter the email with which you registered your old account.
  2. Select the ” Send ” button and the confirmation that the email was sent will automatically appear.
  3. In the email you just have to click on the link provided by the page, to complete the activation.

It should be noted that not all your files will be recovered, only your basic data. The interface has changed a lot and you will find a totally different Hi5.

Hi5 transformation

In 2003, Hi5 was created with the aim of being a social network for young people, the intention was to socialize and show your likes to others. You could customize your interface and even add music to your profile. It was one of the most visited pages worldwide that year. However, for 2010 a total change was made to its objective.

The company acquires the famous “Bis Six” gambling house , which would define the new course of the platform. It would no longer be primarily a social network, now they would turn it into a games page, where you could have interaction with other players. Although the idea was innovative, it was not very popular.

Users began to migrate to other social networks that were gaining importance on the Internet. Hi5 had lost its central objective, but it changed in 2011, when it was sold to Tagged. The new owner’s goal was to reposition the social network, but this time without video games. The company made the decision to unify its database and create 2 web pages that offered similar services.

Since that year it has undergone several changes to become what we see today, a social network for dating. Although the popularity has waned in recent years, it is still used by many users. For all these changes, we can say that Hi5 is the social network that refuses to die, reinventing itself every day.

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