How to access the router: IP address of each brand

Whenever we want to configure any section of our router we will have to access it through the configuration. It is true that today many modern models also have a mobile application that facilitates the task at least for basic configurations, but whenever we want to go deeper we will have to access from the browser. In this article we will explain what is the IP address of the main brands to enter the router.

How to enter the router and configure it

We may have a router and we are interested in changing some parameters, such as the name of the Wi-Fi network, the password or opening the ports. For this, the normal thing is that we have to enter through the browser, from our computer. It is a simple and fast process, but we will have to know what is the IP address that we must put.

Our advice is to always change the factory settings. We should never leave the network name or the Wi-Fi key, for example. We must even put another password to enter the device. But for this we will have to access it. We will have to go into the settings. There we can also change some parameters that can help us improve performance.

The process basically consists of putting the IP address in the browser and later putting the access key to the router. That password, by the way, it is advisable to change it and never leave the one that is factory-set. We will therefore need to know what that IP address is.

The problem is that there is no one generic address for all models. Each brand usually uses a different one, although it is true that many of the main ones use the same default gateway, which is usually However, we are going to show what it is in each of the main router brands on the market.

What is the IP address to enter the router according to the brand

As we have indicated, each of the brands and models of routers can have an IP address to access the different device. Many of them do share the same, but it is not something that happens in all of them. Therefore, we must know which is the specific gateway to enter the router. This way we can configure it correctly and get to improve some parameters so that it works better and of course more securely at all times.

We are going to show a list with the main brands and what is the IP address to access. We will see that in most cases the generic address to enter is repeated. Keep in mind that in some brand there may be more than one option, since it would vary depending on the specific model that we are using:

  • 3Com:
  • Airlink: or
  • Airlive:
  • Apple:
  • Asus:
  • Aztech:
  • Belkin:
  • Cisco:
  • Dell:
  • D-Link:
  • Google:
  • Huawei:
  • Linksys:
  • Microsoft:
  • Motorola:
  • Movistar: or
  • Netgear:
  • Sitecom:
  • Synology:
  • Tenda:
  • TP-Link:
  • Ubiquiti:
  • ZTE:
  • Zyxel:

How to know the gateway of any router

We have shown what is the IP address to access the main models of routers on the market. However, we may have a different one and our brand is not on this list that we have put. We can find out in a simple way which is the default gateway and be able to enter to carry out configurations.

To do this in Windows we can find out in a very simple way. We have to go to Start, enter the Command Prompt and execute the ipconfig command . This shows us a large amount of information related to our network, the router and the network card that we are using.

Within all the data that it shows us, we will see a section called Default gateway. Just that is the IP address that we have to execute in the browser to be able to enter the router and configure it correctly. That data will appear to us no matter what router we are using.

In our case, as you can see in the image above, the default gateway to enter the router is It is precisely the most common address, since there are many devices that have this IP to be able to access and carry out the configuration that we want to improve power, maintain security, update the device … In short, there are many actions that we have at our disposal when we access the router.

In case we do not want to carry out these steps with the Windows command line or we are from another device and we do not know how to find out, we can always do a Google search. We would need to know the exact model of the device and later find what the default gateway is. In this way we can enter correctly and carry out any configuration that is necessary for the device to work well, to improve security or avoid any errors that may appear. It is essential that we always have control over our equipment, especially those connected to the network.

Some routers allow access from an application

It is increasingly common for modern routers to have a mobile application through which we can easily access. To do this, you simply have to register with the account details, the operator, etc. Normally they ask us for the ID and name of the user, as well as a code that comes to us by SMS to register.

From the program we can carry out some basic actions. They do not usually have a wide range of options, and for this we would have to access from the browser. But we could take it into account for something quick, such as changing the Wi-Fi password or any change in the network name.

Therefore, we can also count on the possibility of entering the router from the mobile application that many usually have. A free and perfectly accessible software so that users have faster access from anywhere, without even knowing what the default gateway is.

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