What is it, what is it for and how to create a WPAN network? – Advantages and disadvantages

What is a WPAN network?

WPAN or Wireless PAN ( Wireless Personal Areal Network ) is a personal network that covers a limited range of space of between ten and thirty meters depending on the capacity of the devices used for its connection. They can be connected from computers, mobile phones, printers and cameras.

The connection between their devices is wireless and the most popular type of connection known is Bluetooth, which displaced infrared light technology a few years ago. WPAN networks are often used in devices that are in the same room due to their short range.

What is a WPAN network

What are WPAN networks for?

As its name implies, it is a personal type network, it serves to connect personal devices such as a mobile phone, tablet or a computer. Its connection is wireless, but limited by a reduced distance. Data can be shared over the network as long as the devices are within the minimum distance range.

Types of WPAN networks

There are different types of technologies that can be used to interconnect multiple devices on a WPAN network. They are characterized because a wired connection is not necessary to share information.


It is the most widely used and the best known standard. Most, if not all, of today’s devices have built-in Bluetooth technology. You can share almost any type of information, from images, videos, audios or files.

To establish a connection the devices must be relatively close. Over the years this technology has had a positive evolution and they are becoming more stable.

Bluetooth also allows you to connect devices such as remote controls, headphones, mice, and keyboards. It also functions as a communication channel for a mobile phone to access the Internet via Bluetooth through another phone. The new versions are expected to identify the location of devices connected to the same network.


It is a type of technology that exists as an alternative to Bluetooth and works in a 2.4 Ghz frequency band . The download speed is lower compared to Bluetooth, but instead offers a greater range for connection between devices. It is usually used in the connection of electrical appliances and some toys.


It is one of the first forays into WPAN networks. Currently it is little used, but those who remember it know how tedious it was to send a file from one mobile phone to another and all the time it took. The transmission is done directly, so the devices must remain close and in the same position during data transmission.

create a WPAN network

Create a WPAN network

To create a personal wireless network you only need certain types of components. Initially it is necessary to have a device that works as a transmitter, it is the one that initiates the transmission. Then another device that works as a receiver to receive the signal.

It is important to note that they must be connected by the same channel, referring to the type of technology used, be it Bluetooth, infrared or another. They do not need an additional wired connection so their implementation is very economical.

Advantages and disadvantages of WPAN networks


  • Portability. It is a wireless network that can be easily moved from one place to another.
  • Security. To access this network, it is necessary to be in the same range, so accessing the data is more complicated. Some devices even request authorization to connect to others and share information.


  • Short range. Its use is limited to the scope of the signal in a reduced space.
  • Transfer speed. Although it has evolved over time, it still takes longer than other types of connections to send information from one device to another.

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