What is and how to open a CPI file? Here we show you

Technology has come a long way today, providing us with new and better ways of working, studying and doing everyday things. You can say that technology has allowed civilization to have the global development that we enjoy today.

That is why today we are going to talk about one of the things that has been changing over time, such as video formats and especially the CPI format.

What are CPI files?

Earlier we mentioned that CPI files are video files, however, not only video files as such but a binary copy of the original video files, you can even convert video and audio files to other formats from VLC .

The CPI extension is closely related to AVHD Clip type files, which is a video compression code developed and used by Sony and Panasonic for their products based on MPEG-4 AVC / H.264 technology widely used in video cameras. and digital devices.

These devices, once they record the video, create an MTS file to save the data that the camera sensor provides and together with this file a separate CPI is created to save metadata related to resolution, contrast, aspect, exposure. , etc.

This data will later be used as a complement to the video data with which the file is associated and will always be saved with the same name as its corresponding MTS file.

By generating these files they are confused by their MTS counterparts and when the user proceeds to execute them they redirect them to their video file since these are not the video itself, but are complementary information to the video.

But it does not mean that they cannot be opened as a normal video since there are programs that run them without problems and we are going to show you some of them.

How to open CPI files?

The 2 programs that we are going to show you below are only a part of all the programs that can open CPI files now if for some reason you deleted the CPI video files on Android you can recover your files and videos with Diskdigger .

But generally these softwares are very good and it is unlikely that you will have any problem opening your CPI files with them since they are designed for this task.

VLC Media Player

This is one of the most famous players today and one of the most used because its functions and characteristics make it ideal. For some, this player has bugs and does not allow you to play videos, but this has a solution, you can even solve the video problem when VLC shows a black screen .

VLC Media Player logo and icon white background

VLC is an open source player developed by the VideoLAN project for multiple operating systems that promises to be the solution to all your compatibility problems since it can recognize almost all the video codex that currently exist. You can download it for free from its official website as it is fully functional to  open all your CPI files.

Movie Maker

This is another great alternative to open CPI files on your PC, this is a video editing software widely used by the community and developed for the Windows operating system. Now why can’t I watch and play videos on my Windows PC? If you have problems playing videos in Windows, you should solve these problems as soon as possible.

Movie Maker logo and icon white background

This program not only reads CPI files, but it can convert them to any other type,  so it is perfect for those who need a video editor compatible with this type of files apart from the fact that this program has many other functions that will be useful to you and you can take advantage of it very well.

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