How to Speech or Type Text for Word | How to convert speech to text in Word

Word is not far behind, this famous word processor also has this functionality; allows us to dictate by voice what we want to write. Converting the voice into text is very advantageous, since it leaves us hands free.

This is an advantage for people who have trouble writing, or suffer from a physical disability. Although sometimes the voice commands are not so fast and precise, regarding those who have practice with the keyboard shortcuts in Word to work faster .

However, this mode will work for a lot of people for their purposes. That is why today we will show you how to convert speech to text in Word, so you can speed up the preparation of your documents.

Speech recognition and Windows 10

The speech recognition icon

There are a variety of office software, but Office is still the best option for many people. Word is one of the best word processors for its simplicity and robustness; since even if the power goes out, it allows you to recover an unsaved Word file .

In Windows 10 there is an option that perhaps not many people know about, it is voice dictation. In order to use this useful command in Microsoft Word, certain requirements must be met:

  • It is necessary to obtain the Windows 10 license on our computer.
  • It is necessary to obtain an Office license on our computer as well.
  • On the computer, the microphone must be correctly configured in Windows 10. To do this, we can follow the following steps and thus install a new microphone :
  1. We right-click on the volume icon in the taskbar at the bottom.
  2. A menu will appear where we can see that it says Sounds , with the left click of the mouse we select it.
  3. A window will appear and we will locate the Recording tab ; with the left button of our mouse we will select the microphone or device that we wish to configure.
  4. Select Set up microphone and follow the steps in the microphone setup wizard.

In Windows 10, speech recognition must be activated.

Convert text in Word with your voice

A microphone, Word and Outlook icons

It is a very simple procedure. All we have to do is press a button and that’s it. We will begin to dictate instead of typing with our keyboard. In our Word program, in the Home tab we can locate the Voice icon.

This icon is in the upper right part of our screen, at the end of the Home tab . We can activate it with our keyboard by pressing the Windows key and the letter H. Another way to activate it is with the left button of our mouse and press on the voice icon.

When we activate this option, in Word there will be a slight sound that will notify us that you can hear our voice. That way you will start transcribing from speech to text.

Speech- to-text processing in Windows 10 works very well, word-wise. The problem is presented by punctuation marks, which are not always correctly recognized.

In the language list, regarding dictation in Word is limited to the following languages: French, Chinese, German, Italian, English and Spanish.

However, there is a list of preliminary languages, which are: Norwegian, Finnish, Japanese, Danish, among others. The dictation command list offered by Microsoft Word in Windows 10 can only work in English.

Whatever reason we have to dictate in Word with Windows 10, which can be laziness or because we are curious, we can take advantage of it.

In a simple and easy way we have shown you how to write or dictate in Word using our voice. We hope we have helped you and we hope you continue visiting our page to be aware of what interests you.

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