How to connect and disconnect an Apple Pencil to an iPad Pro or iPhone – Very easy

What is an Apple Pencil?

To begin with, it is very logical that we want to know what an Apple Pencil is in a more exact and precise way so that, with full knowledge, we can decide how and when to use it if necessary.

On the other hand, use the Apple Pencil on your iPad or iPad Pro as a digital pencil, but not just any pencil. Although its appearance is similar to that of a white pen, its benefits go much further. For example, an Apple Pencil has the following characteristics:

  • Links and charges wirelessly.
  • It sticks magnetically.
  • Double tap to switch tools.
  • Incredible precision.
  • Sensitive to pressure and inclination.
  • Instant response.

How to use the Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil is as easy to use as a regular pencil but with the benefits of an advanced, electronic pencil . It is charged via Bluetooth and using it appropriately, it provides us with thick, thin or shaded lines according to our requirement.

connect apple pencil to ipad or iphone

An interesting fact is that writing and seeing what you write are in total harmony with each other. Its use ranges from painting, drawing, underlining, handwriting, and taking notes. It is as much as saying that your iPad becomes something like a digital sheet. Thanks to this tool you can even make a book in pages from your iPad or iPhone and effectively manage your tasks or activities on your device.

After having seen what an Apple Pencil is and how to use it, in addition to all the great benefits of obtaining them, without a doubt you will have already decided to get yours. If that has been your decision, then we must go to the next step which would be how to connect and disconnect it from your iPad Pro or iPhone once purchased.

How to connect and disconnect your Apple Pencil?

If you are not very skilled at making connections in highly advanced technological equipment, do not despair, here we will give you all the steps to achieve it successfully.

However, in all iPad models, the Apple Pencil uses Bluetooth as common connectivity, so before you can connect your Apple Pencil to your iPad, you must first take care of activating Bluetooth on your iPad.

The steps to follow to connect an Apple Pencil to an iPad Pro or iPhone are:

  • Go to the main screen and in “Settings” press the “Bluetooth” item and activate it.
  • Remove the cap or hood and connect the Apple Pencil to the lightning connector on the bottom side of your device when you place it upright and upright.
  • After seeing the prompt “Bluetooth Pairing” between iPad and Apple Pencil appear on the screen, press the “Match” button.
  • When the “Pairing” is done, you must physically disconnect the Apple Pencil from your iPad by removing it from its lightning connector and placing the cap or hood on top of the Apple Pencil.

Once you have followed all these steps, you can start to freely use your Apple Pencil in the best free applications to draw and create on your mobile device.

How to disconnect your Apple Pencil from your iPad Pro?

This is achieved by removing the combination between the Apple Pencil and your iPad, modifying the iOS settings.

What you must do to disconnect your Apple Pencil from an iPad Pro, is:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Press the “Bluetooth” item.
  • Find the part about the Apple Pencil.
  • Press the “Skip Device” button.
  • Confirm that you want to disconnect it by pressing the “OK” button.

disconnect apple pencil to ipad or iphone

Unfortunately the Apple Pencil is not compatible with the vast majority of iPhones available in the technology market, only with very special cases. Because of that, we recommend that you look for more information about your Apple devices and you will surely find the appropriate answers there

We hope that this article will be of great help to you when you want to enter the world of technological advances and keep up to date in this very interesting world.

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