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What are tik tok coins and how to get the most out of these coins? Step-by-step guide

Although it is true, at present, TikTok is one of the most important social networks in the world . Well, due to its innovative format of short videos, it has surpassed platforms such as Instagram and Facebook in the number of downloads in a short time. This, thanks to the fact that users are attracted by these clips that are accompanied by music and special effects to create dynamism and aesthetics.

Thus, due to the excellent video editor it provides, it stands out from other platforms that allow easier videos to be made . In addition, the social media app has other news, such as the famous “coins” of TikTok . Which means that, in this social network of Chinese origin , real money moves to remunerate people who create quality content.

Accordingly, TikTok supports the purchase of virtual currencies, the possession of your own wallet and the exchange of gifts for cash . This is extremely interesting and that is why most users are motivated to know what they are about. Therefore, in this post, we will explain what TikTok coins are and how you can take advantage of them .

What are Coins on TikTok and what are these tools for?

Basically, TikTok coins are defined as a cryptocurrency or virtual currency for daily use that is paid with real money. This works as a kind of gift that can be granted in the social network by investing real money within the famous mobile app from any smart device. Therefore, exclusively, they are currencies that can only be used within the TikTok ecosystem .

In this sense, these tools are used to reward, in the form of tips, the creativity and innovation of content creators or to thank their work. Taking into account that, for this, the person who wants to make the gift, will have to recharge their TikTok wallet in order to buy the coins they need and give them to other user (s) .

Through this system, the platform of Chinese origin found the most pertinent way to make each member of the community feel valued by offering them financial support and, at the same time, uniting people active in the social network. Added to this, simultaneously, TikTok can also sustain itself financially, by generating extra income for your pocket.

Among other details, it is worth noting that TikTok coins provide a complete catalog of options that allows you to choose from 1 currency to 5,000 coins . Apart from this, in terms of its price, a coin can vary according to the amount that the user wants to recharge in his wallet and, as if that were not enough, the social network offers several comfortable plans to make the payment that depend on the country or region . For example, in Spain, it is possible to find 100 coins for less than 2 euros, at least.

Learn step by step how to get TikTok coins for your profile

As we mentioned before, thanks to the fact that TikTok uses the same virtual currency, of course, tiktokers can manage or manage their own wallet or wallet from their profile .

Since, by default, all the accounts on the platform have associated a wallet in which the coins that the same user recharges and the prizes received from other people via streaming (or LIVE gifts) are stored . Valuing that, this purchase can only be made by users of legal age . Therefore, mainly, users are interested in knowing how they can acquire their TikTok coins to save them in their wallet of the platform or in their profile .

That is why, here we will show you how you should do it step by step:

Access your TikTok profile

First of all, you have to enter your profile page within the social network . To do this, log into your account and from the bottom of the platform’s feed, tap on the “I” icon in the right side corner.

Enter the Settings and privacy menu

After entering your profile, it is time to press the three vertical dots that are located in the upper right corner . In this way, you can access the Settings and privacy menu that contains many available options.

Login to your TikTok Wallet

Once you are in the Settings and privacy menu , go to the “Account” section and there, you have to click on the “Balance” option . In this way, you will be able to enter your TikTok wallet .

Start buying coins

If you have not recharged your portfolio of TikTok or have received gifts, it will show a zero balance, ie 0 coins. But, you can start buying coins to acquire money within TikTok just by pressing the red button that indicates “Reload” . When you touch this option, automatically, several options will be displayed that refer to the way of purchasing coins. There, you can see both the amount of coins they offer and the price they cost .

Choose the payment method

Next, after selecting the amount of coins to purchase to store in your TikTok wallet , you will have to choose the payment method by tapping on it . This, through a purchase drop-down corresponding to the Google Play Store (if you use an Android device ) or from the Apple Store (if you use iPhone or iPad). Usually, the Chinese social network allows you to pay with a debit or credit card, through PayPal or through  PaySafeCard .

Thus, after selecting the cancellation method, it only remains to finalize the purchase depending on the operating system you use:

  • If you are on Android, you must press the green button that indicates “Purchases” .
  • If you use an iOS device , you have to double click on the side button of your device .

Now buy virtual gifts

After filling your TikTok Wallet with coins, you will wonder  what you can do with them within the platform to take advantage of them . Well, basically, this money consists of an investment, in the short or long term, that is used to buy virtual gifts in order to reward the tiktokers that you think deserve it, either for the content they exhibit on the social network or for whatever reason. Now, to remunerate the other user with this type of gift, you have to carry it out from a live broadcast .

That is, when you are viewing a video of this type on TikTok, you must click on “Give” and thus, value the work of the other person with an emoji or sticker that characterizes the TikTok coins. It is appropriate to note that you can also recharge your TikTok Wallet while you are in a live broadcast . Therefore, if you decide to reward the other user and you still do not have coins available, just touch the Gift icon from LIVE and click on “Buy coins”.

How can I exchange my coins for real money on TikTok?

Fortunately, the users of TikTok receiving coins as gifts, can change their currencies for real money reliably . This, thanks to the “Diamond Program” which is a project created by the same mobile app that allows you to exchange accumulated diamonds for cash. Now, basically, a diamond on TikTok refers to the transformation of each virtual gift that a certain tiktoker receives. Regarding its value, it is calculated around several factors that take into account the amount of diamonds.

Reason why, these diamonds cannot be bought like TikTok coins, since they only come from the virtual gifts purchased . However, when redeeming these elements, TikTok establishes a minimum amount to be able to withdraw the money and make the transaction through a PayPal account that belongs to the user.

This amount must be equivalent to a total of 10,000 diamonds in gifts (or the equivalent of 100 dollars) . In addition, there is also a maximum amount that can be changed during the week. In order to receive the money without any inconvenience, it is necessary that the PayPal account to be used matches the names and surnames of the user registered in TikTok, exactly .

It is even essential that said account is verified in order to collect the money obtained from TikTok diamonds. Otherwise, the person will not be able to cash said money . Also, it is worth bearing in mind that the amount of money to be charged for virtual gifts on TikTok is not equivalent to the money that said gifts have cost . Therefore, if the user who gave the gift spent a total of 100 euros, it does not mean that the winning tiktoker wins the same amount of euros .

Since, in general, money is lost during the exchange process, especially due to the calculation based on the applicable monetary compensation based on several factors, where even the number of treasured diamonds influences . Having clarified all the above, it is time to show you step by step what you have to do so that you can change your virtual TikTok gifts for real money, correctly .

Here is the process indicated for this:

  • First of all, log into your account of TikTok and go to your user page or profile page. This, by selecting the “Me” section in the lower right corner of the feed.
  • Next, press the three dots in the upper right corner to see the Settings and privacy menu.
  • Then, it is time to choose the “Balance” option in the “Account” section .
  • Once you access your TikTok Wallet, click on “LIVE Gifts” among all the available options.
  • Now, from the Rewards page, they allow you to see the total amount of diamonds obtained, as well as the current balance of diamonds you have and its equivalent.
  • If you have the number of diamonds allowed to make the change, simply touch the “Withdraw” button and follow the process to place that money in your associated PayPal account .

Learn the best tips for your TikTok followers to give you lots of coins

Although, for many influential tiktokers it is easy to earn coins on TikTok to redeem this money, the truth is that for other users of the platform it is not so simple . However, you can take into account certain recommendations that are useful to encourage others to give you many virtual gifts that turn into diamonds and later, into real money .

Therefore, to create an optimal online presence and influence the decision-making of your followers in order to obtain a significant economic remuneration through TikTok coins, you can implement the following tips that will help you achieve it:

Make live videos constantly

Given that the LIVE on TikTok is the only way through which virtual gifts can be given or received, it is essential to perform live shows on a regular basis . Therefore, it is appropriate that you create a schedule to present content of interest that is original, eye-catching and entertaining in order to make it known through live videos several times a week .

Thus, you must take into account that, the more direct you do, the more opportunities you will have of being given many coins and thus, you will be able to get the most out of it. Apart from this, when you carry out this transmission, it is important that you interact widely with all users and invite them to communicate with you through chat. This will help you capture their attention to the point of motivating them to reward you for it .

Earn 1,000 followers

In order for you to have the possibility of receiving and redeeming your virtual gifts, in the form of real money, it is mandatory to get a thousand followers on the social network, at least. Since, this requirement is necessary to be able to make live videos within the platform. These being the only ones that allow you to acquire coins or diamonds there .

For its part, to achieve this number of followers on TikTok, it is ideal that you show a complete and attractive profile that attracts the attention of other people for your photo, username, main information and content. In addition, it is also valuable to interact with influential accounts, upload high quality videos, collaborate with other users and all this, in order to acquire fame on TikTok that translates into a good number of followers .

Loyalty to all your followers

To get donations, prizes or gifts that turn into diamonds within TikTok, it is also useful to build loyalty with your followers . You can achieve this by constantly praising them and highlighting them from the rest, in order to create a strong connection of value with them from which they feel appreciated .

Surely, in this way, when you do a LIVE they will want to return the love and affection that you give them day after day, with virtual gifts . That is to say, they will be encouraged to give you offerings that you can later exchange for real money. Apart from that, do not forget to constantly thank them for their dedication and the donations they make to you . Thus, it is likely that they still want to reward you for what you do on the social network.

Have a lot of patience

Although TikTok is a platform that has great coverage worldwide and has the ability to quickly viralize videos due to its algorithm, the truth is that it is not so easy to achieve fame within the social network . Therefore, your success in winning gifts on the platform will not come overnight and that is why you should be as patient as possible .

In this sense, keep in mind that patience is a virtue in these cases and that it is a process that can take a long time to show positive results . However, when you manage to capture the attention of your potential audience by doing what you are passionate about and get the required number of followers, your recognition will skyrocket and it will be very practical to win virtual gifts just by making eye-catching live shows on TikTok.

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