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Lectern in Minecraft: how to create it and what are its uses

In this post you will learn what are the different uses of the lectern in Minecraft and how you can obtain it. A lectern in Minecraft is a little used element, but with different functions that you and your friends may be interested in. A frequent use of the lectern is that several players can read the same book, without the need for all of them to have it in their inventory. Additionally, it can be used to exchange enchanted books.

Since update 1.14 it is possible to craft the lectern using 4 wooden slabs and 1 bookcase ; This last element is the most difficult to obtain, since you will also have to craft it. On the other hand, it is important that you know how to locate the elements on the work table. The lectern also naturally spawns in the library, so if you’re near a village it may be easier to head to this location to use the furniture.

What is needed

You must first craft a library, which can be the most difficult item to get. Then you simply have to have 4 wooden slabs and your workbench or crafting table. You will need to learn to make a book as well, since you will need 3 for the bookstore.

Note : If you already know the steps necessary to craft a book or you already have the requirements, you can skip the explanation of how to make it and go directly to the creation of the library. Likewise, if you already have this object you can skip the corresponding tutorial, since you have what you need to craft the lectern.

Book making

To create a book you must gather paper, finding it around the world or craft it, for this you must have sugar cane, which you can find near the banks of a river or sea. Once you get it, go to the manufacturing table and place 3 canes horizontally and with this you will get 3 of paper, enough material to create 1 book. In total you will need 9 of paper, since there are 3 books.

The next step is to get leather, which you can obtain from animals such as cows, horses, among others. 1 of leather will be required for the manufacture of each book, therefore you will need 3 of this item. Combine the materials on the crafting table, as shown in the example image below:

Library Manufacturing

To craft a library in Minecraft it will be necessary to have 3 books and 6 wooden planks. The planks can be from whatever you have in your inventory. The process to follow is simply to enter your crafting table and place: 3 planks at the top, 3 books in the middle and the last 3 wooden blocks at the bottom, as shown in the example:

Wood Slabs

It is also necessary to have 4 wooden slabs to make the lectern and the crafting process is very simple. You will simply have to place three planks horizontally on the manufacturing table and you will get a wooden slab as a result. Many players are already familiar with this procedure, as slabs are necessary for construction.

How to make the lectern

Now that you have all the materials you can begin the process of creating a lectern in Minecraft. Start by opening your crafting table, then place 3 slabs of wood on top and one in the middle square at the bottom. Finally, you must place the library in the center of the window manufacturing and see that next to the wood forms a perfect T. Once done, you will get a new music stand.


Its main use is to read a book between several players, this happens when placing the book on the lectern and the characters around them can read it, without having a copy. In addition, there is a possibility that a villager will obtain the profession of librarian, this happens if there is one near the lectern who does not have another attitude already designated.

This item can also be useful for exchanging enchanted books with librarian villagers. Finally, the lectern can send a Redstone signal when turning a page, with a maximum of 16 signals. After this page number, it will no longer signal until the book is changed.

Other locations

You can also see lecterns in different locations where a library is located, such as a small village or a Dungeon. A necessary point for these items to be found is that it is a location generated after version 1.14 of Minecraft.

The lectern is an easy tool to craft and with several utilities, you just need to have the necessary resources to make it. Otherwise, the procedure may take longer, since then you will have to elaborate the missing elements. If it is difficult for you to perform all these steps, you can always choose to look for the lectern in a library.

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