How to access and recover my old or old Fotolog account – Easily

However, what the creators expected as a world boom, the reality was different, this social network received a shower of criticism after requesting certain charges to recover the accounts, when in reality very few were willing to pay with a credit card.

Criticisms that never ceased for its failures, one of the biggest, in July 2007, when the social network was completely inoperative for practically 24 hours. However, it never hurts to remember the great features that this social network offered

Why did Fotolog close and why had it returned to the world?

Considering the growth of Fotolog, in a premature digital age, the immeasurable number of failures in the portal can be understood.

However, these rulings were not accepted by the community. For example, when uploading photos, you had to try several times before it was finally published. Too bad your problems haven’t been solved like Instagram problems.

But, this did not prevent the growth of the social network, specifically in Latin America, countries such as Chile, Brazil and Argentina were in the top 3 of the number of users for September 2008, with 4.8 million, 4.2 million and 1, 4 million respectively.

By January 2016, Fotolog closed its page mainly due to the growing rise of other social networks, which considerably decreased the participation of users in the portal.

professional camera for photoblog old account

Finally, in April 2018, the page was operational again, allowing old users to recover their photos, however, there was some controversy since an amount of money was charged to recover your old account.

Steps to delete old photos published in Fotolog

When Fotolog returned to the digital world in 2018, many users who had previously used the social network, felt sorry for all those embarrassing photos of youth.

By the time this social network was at its peak, there was more freedom when publishing something and social networks were not as observed as now, which can play a fundamental role even to offer or get a job .

That is why knowing how to erase old photos from Fotolog was of the utmost importance, for this, you had to follow the following steps, and there was no need to worry! The process is super simple.

First, access your profile, and find the image you want to delete, select it and then delete it, nothing more and nothing less.

However, if you wanted to delete several photos at once, the application did not allow it, this social network had few features, compared to third-party instagram applications that allow you to schedule the publication of photos.

Why use Fotolog?

In its early years, Fotolog promised to be a great innovation in the world of photography, becoming one of the pioneers in the digital area.

camera to take photos on old photobook account

Their earnings were considerably successful, getting one million users in 3 years. 10 years later, they already had almost 30 million users around the world.

With its motto “share your world with the world” it promised to become a great industry, unfortunately, social networks with similar purposes, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, managed to win the battle, eliminating its power.

Among its interesting features was the fact that it could only publish one photo per day, thus allowing its users to record in a single photo, those interesting events (or not) that happened on that day.

However, hard blows received by the app, such as the inability to download the app through the Google Play Store , affected their participation.

Finally, in its latest relaunch, it promised to protect users compared to other RRSS, however, its project did not prosper.

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