WiFi Amplifier: What is it and what is it for? How does + types + best work? – Shopping guide

What is a WiFi booster and what is it for?

Undoubtedly, one of the advances in technology that has most facilitated and improved the daily lives of many, is the WiFi amplifier or extender.

The work of this wonderful device is to make the signal of a WiFi router of our preference go further than expected. The WiFi booster collects and expands the WiFi signal to improve its quality and speed.

This device is extremely important because, in large areas or with not very good internet networks, it greatly facilitates the task of improving the quality of WiFi.

In addition, thanks to the speed of the WiFi network, it facilitates carrying out options such as sharing the screen of different devices through the WiFi network.

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How does a WiFi booster work?

When you see the many benefits that a WiFi amplifier can offer, you are surely wondering how this innovative device works, in fact, its way of working is much simpler than it seems.

As we saw, what the WiFi amplifier does is make the WiFi signal reach much further, since it is, so to speak, a type of “messenger” that carries data from one device to another.

Of course, depending on where you position and how you configure the WiFi repeater or amplifier , it will work correctly or not. We always recommend that you follow the instructions of the amplifier, and place it in a middle place between the router and the devices benefiting from the WiFi signal. Although it is also good that you place the WiFi router in the best places in your house so that both this and the amplifier function better.

WiFi amplifiers are extremely simple to configure, and we encourage you not to be afraid to try them and fully enjoy the options they offer, and you could even make a homemade WiFi signal amplifier .

What types of WiFi amplifiers are there and which are the best?

There are many different types of WiFi amplifiers on the market. This makes it difficult to choose the one that is correctly adapted to our circumstances.

You may want one that is just an amplifier, that is, that has the same username and password as the original WiFi router. Or maybe you want one that has a password and its own username, with which you must configure all your devices so that they can connect to it without any problem.

Regardless of the type of WiFi amplifier you want to buy, here is a list of the best you can find on the market. Some of the best WiFi amplifiers are:

  • Linksys AC1200 Max Wi-Fi Network Extender RE6500
  • Netgear Nighthawk X4 AC2200 WiFi Range Extender (EX7300)
  • D-Link DAP-1650 WiFi Range Extender (AC1200)
  • Devolo Magic 1 WiFi
  • Xiaomi Mi WiFi Repeater 2

These are just some of the best WiFi network boosters, and we highly recommend that you buy and use them without any hassle.

Likewise, we advise you to always try to buy these devices in trusted stores. Whether online like Amazon and others like it, or physical stores, we encourage you to go to official and safe stores.

That’s all. We encourage you to continue learning about the subject and that you can get the most out of your WiFi signal, thanks to the help of WiFi amplifiers.

Wifi signal reaching different devices

We hope that this information has been of great help to you, and that you never finish delving into the wonderful world of technology.

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