Why is my Smart TV left with a black or frozen screen? – Solution

If you have asked yourself, Why does my Smart TV stay with a black or frozen screen ? And you want to fix it quickly to continue enjoying the content. Here we will explain the possible solutions for this problem.

Smart TVs are a series of modern televisions, in which we can do hundreds of new things, with respect to the classic flat screen televisions, these have many amenities, and depending on the brand, they can have a built-in Android system. This allows you to have the possibility of having all kinds of apps, being able to even install them via USB as if they were a PC.

Why is my Smart TV left with a black screen?

If you have the problem that when you turn on your Smart TV, it stays with a black screen and you cannot distinguish anything. The first thing you should try is to disconnect your television for a while, to rule out that it has an overload in its power source. This would be the best of the cases, since it would not need major complications.

Also, you should check if your TV model has a reset button on its back near the connectors. This button is usually much smaller than the others. And if it is the case and you have the option, you have to turn on your device and press the reset button for at least 10 seconds. This will cause the TV to reset its settings, allowing you to correct an error due to a bad configuration.

If none of this works, the problem may be a bit more serious, and the display’s internal illumination has been damaged. Most of these televisions use LED diodes, which are a kind of very small ‘light bulbs’ that are responsible for the light from the screen. 

smart tv is left with the black screen

If you dare and have the necessary instruments, you can do a quick check by uncovering the Smart TV, you will have to do this on a clean surface to place the screen. When trying to turn it on, you can check if the LEDs blink or simply do not give any signal. If this is the case and they are damaged, the only way to repair this is to buy a new strip of LEDs and make the change.

Why is my Smart TV freezing?

If you are using your television and the screen suddenly freezes, this may be mainly due to a problem with the app that is running or a faulty update.

To confirm this you can restart the device through the menu, to do this you have to use the control, or although you are using your cell phone as a remote control , you can also do it. If you open the menu you can access the menu to configure the device.

In the last section of the menu you should see the option to restart the device, click on the ‘OK’ button and the device should restart. If the problem occurs only in a specific app, you should think about uninstalling it and downloading it again, in order to correct any errors you have. 

my smart tv freezes screen

In case the freezing problem occurs in any app or even in the menu itself, you should think about updating the software of your Smart TV , since it may have an error that is causing it to freeze.

Recommendations so that this problem does not occur

When using these devices, it is very important that you are clear about its specifications and how much it can support, this to know how many apps you can install before filling its capacity. 

This is important to be aware of because many people overload their smart TVs with information, causing them to slow down and do their tasks wrong, causing crashes and freezes.

As for the LEDs and that the screen remains black, it may be due to a failure in the power supply, because LED technology, despite being very innovative and convenient, is very sensitive to electrical fluctuations. This means that high tensions are deadly for them and if your television was exposed to these types of situations, it is very likely that they are damaged.

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