Why doesn’t the reader of my mobile phone recognize my fingerprint? Solution

When technology advanced from one day to the next by leaps and bounds, it was a matter of time before the implements that we only saw in movies, came to reality, the best by far was the fingerprint reader. Adding safety and ease to life. But what happens if technology betrays and the mobile does not recognize my fingerprint ?

Well, despite sounding very serious, the solutions are more than simple, because everyone’s favorite companies would never leave users unprotected, here is the solution to this annoying problem, regardless of whether you use iPhone or Android.

The mobile does not recognize my fingerprint, did I lose it completely?

The answer is a resounding no, you have not lost your phone completely, it could actually be a more silly problem than you think. The first thing is to give the simple tips, and these are the configuration ones, it is always good that when configuring your fingerprint, you do it with more than one that is, not only with the index finger like everyone else, add two or three more.

Keep an eye on what are all the versions of the Android system and their characteristics and also about the versions of Apple’s iOS mobile operating system , since sometimes this problem can be presented by a system failure.

Also learn to use it well, it is very simple to operate alone, you put your fingerprint on the sensor and that’s it, but believe it or not, there are many people who believe that any finger or fingerprint works and no, it is only with the one you configured it.

android fingerprint


Alternative password

Once finished with the tips, now, the real solutions, the next one may be the simplest and it is that this is the one that most of today’s smartphones have.

After a certain series of unsuccessful attempts with your fingerprint, it will ask you to enter the “Alternative password”, it always asks you to create it when configuring the fingerprint, once you enter it, it will let you enter without problems.

However, if out of laziness, or because of a rush you didn’t want to do it, then you have to keep reading (you should always take the time for this type of configuration).

Google account

If the mobile does not recognize my fingerprint and I did not put my password, do I have to format it? Well again, thanks to the giant Google, you can access your phone through your account, you just have to enter it (the option appears the same as the above by misplacing the others), and voila it should unlock.

Find my Mobile and Android Device Manager

My mobile doesn’t recognize my fingerprint and I can’t do any of the above solutions, what now? Well, you still have one last chance, before you have to take your phone for someone to repair it, if none of the above worked, you can use Find my Mobile and Android Device Manager as simple as mixing music and making a mix of songs on Android or iPhone.

To have access to the first one, your mobile must be Samsung, and you must be registered on the page and create an account in this particular service.


fingerprint on phone

This application is used to control and track your mobile remotely, so that you can format it and recover all your information without problems. You just have to go to “Settings “, the section called “Find my Mobile”  once inside we activate the two options that appear with the names of “Remote controls” and “Google location service”, and that’s it.

The Android Device Manager, serves the same purpose, to find your phone remotely and format it safely, it works for non-Samsung devices as well.

No solution worked

If you format it and even so you cannot configure your fingerprint again, well now it is time to take it to a technician, because it is probably a hardware problem and if you do not know anything about the phone you will need assistance. If the mobile does not recognize my fingerprint it is no longer a reason to be scared, because if the other steps are applicable for you, you will not have any problem.

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