Why doesn’t my keyboard type and a ‘BEEP’ sounds every time I press a key? – Solution

In case you’re wondering why doesn’t my keyboard type and sound a ‘BEEP’ every time I hit a key? and look for the solution, here we have a guide designed to solve this problem in most cases. In turn, it is worth learning how to repair your Windows 10 PC without formatting , solving another common problem, but of a logical nature.

Why doesn’t my keyboard type and a ‘BEEP’ sounds every time I press a key? – Solution

There are several reasons why a keyboard makes beeps or beeps, but it is necessary to analyze the causes of the problem. On the one hand, it may be due to a Windows setting related to accessibility options, while another possible reason is specifically due to a physical failure of the keyboard.

computer keyboard beep

Both possibilities are very common and usually generate the problem of beeps, in any case, the solution for both problems is very different. Do not worry, there are some things that we can try in order to solve that your keyboard does not write and beeps sound when trying to use it.

Fix the problem that the keyboard sounds beep and cannot be typed

As we previously indicated, in most cases, the beeping problem is due to a Windows configuration or a physical problem with the keyboard. Next, we’ll cover both causes, giving you some very simple solutions that you can try. In the same way, if you have problems with the USB ports, you can read our tutorial on how to repair the USB ports of your pc, since these sometimes give us that beep sound on our pc when they are malfunctioning.

Accessibility options

Your problem may arise when pressing specific keys, then analyze if the beeps sound when using “Shift” “Ctrl” “Alt” or a combination of the same. If so, then it is the accessibility options that may be causing the error. Please read carefully to set up and fix this problem.

This time it will be necessary to go to the Windows settings options, for this, just look for “Settings” in the Start Menu. Once you find it, click on it to access Windows settings.

Now you must locate the “Accessibility” section and then click on the keyboard option. Here is the Toggle keys” option , just disable this and the “beeps” should stop sounding when pressing the “Shift” “Ctrl” keys and the like.

Keyboard physical failure

If instead the beeps are constant and appear mainly when you start the computer, it may be due to a failure with the keyboard. A physical failure in the keyboard can also generate “beeps”, although it is something much more common in laptop keyboards. In turn, the failures in the reader of laptops or computers are also common, but there are also ways to repair the CD / DVD reader of the PC .

sounds beep beep keyboard

Returning to the problem when typing, this can be due to a physical failure in the keyboard and the beeps usually appear when starting the computer. If you think this is your problem, start your computer normally. Once in the system open any program with a text box, if you notice that a letter / number / symbol is being typed repeatedly, you probably have this problem.

If this is the case, replace the keyboard with another and see if the problem of the beeps and the key press persists. Undoubtedly this is easier with a desktop computer. In the case of the laptop, changing the keyboard can be a bit more complicated.

You may need help from a technician, but if you decide to do it yourself, you can simply remove the keyboard from the laptop. In turn, we recommend using a keyboard through the USB connection. If you can start the computer normally without beeping and use it without problems, surely the keyboard of the notebook is damaged and needs to be replaced or repaired.

Finally, remember that we have many other guides to fix problems on your computer. For example, you may be interested in knowing how to repair the memory card reader of the PC, since this like other cases, when they stop working or have a problem, our PC usually sounds the beep sound, warning us that something is wrong.

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