Why are the photos in my gallery on my cell phone blurry and half gray?

For many people, the phone’s camera is an extension of itself. Either because you like to take photos to document everything you do or because you are very active with your social networks. Therefore, when our photos do not turn out as expected, it can result in a disaster. It solves why the photos in your gallery on the cell phone look blurry.

Generally when the photos in your gallery on the cell phone are blurred, it is a problem associated with Android devices . And it turns out that it is a more than common situation, but once you try these solutions the problem should not happen again, and if it happens, you will know what to do. But once you manage to solve the problem, you will be able to take photos with a professional finish.

Discover why the photos in your gallery on your cell phone look blurry

Smartphones are a high-tech machine that have advanced as time goes by and are increasingly focused on improving the user experience. Smartphones bring many tools to provide the user with the greatest comfort with any task, one of these is the power to silence the camera when taking the photo.

This is why, despite its small size, it contains and converges different functions that allow its operation. Many times at the moment of a failure, we can find the answers at our fingertips.

The problem when the photos in your gallery on the cell phone look blurry, usually it is because the autofocus has stopped working correctly. This can happen due to several factors, the most common below:

Sensor cleaning

Cameras are built from small lenses that work mechanically to focus and change the distances between the lens and the sensor. All of this operation is necessary for autofocus, which is the main function of the phone camera.

take photo

When this happens, whether it is the front or rear camera that makes the photos in your gallery on the cell phone look blurry, it is best to clean the sensors. This will remove any existing dust and dirt that is blocking the operating mechanism. It is best to gradually do this to prevent the error from happening again.

Restart the app

If you apply the previous alternative and the photos in your gallery on the cell phone are still blurry, the fault may be found directly in the phone’s camera application. Try to exit the application and close it directly from the menu of open applications that your mobile has. Start it again after a few minutes and do the test.

If this doesn’t work either, try restarting the device itself now, this may be a software glitch. These failures are normal due to all the processes that are carried out within a smartphone, which affect some applications more than others.

What happens when you restart the phone is that, these processes are ended, and everything starts again as if it were zero. There are phones like the Samsung Galaxy whose camera app has a bug , but don’t worry, you can easily fix this.

Launch your mobile device software

This is a last option and also one of the riskiest, and is to restore all the information on your cell phone. With this, your mobile will return to its zero state, just as if you were starting it for the first time. Possibly after this all the problems of your cell phone disappear at least, for a while.

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It is important to emphasize that before performing this process, make a backup of all your important information in a third party. Thus, you will avoid bad times and unnecessary losses, since, once this process is done, you will not be able to recover anything that you have left on the device.

If none of this has worked for you, one of the most sensible solutions, is go to a trusted technician to delve more in both the configuration of software and hardware and help you solve the problem safely.

Another way to get the most out of your cell phone camera is by using camera applications with filters that will give your photos a new and original finish.

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