What types of WebQuest are there and what features do they have? – WebQuest Examples

What is a WebQuest?

A WebQuest is a set of activities guided and established by a teacher with the purpose that students use the internet in class. In this sense, it is convenient to search for information through reliable sources and analyze which browser is best to use on the PC.

Therefore, WebQuests allow students to interpret and fully exploit the information that is required of them in the classroom. In this way, knowledge is optimized through the correct search for information. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to capture a complete web page to collect its content.

Origin of the WebQuest

The WebQuests arose from an idea that Tom March and Bernie Dodge had at the University of San Diego in 1995. What was always sought was the integration of the internet in the classroom.


For this reason, the creators of the idea of ​​WebQuest are inclined towards collaborative learning with the aim of making the students’ time profitable and reinforcing analysis, synthesis and evaluation through an adequate search for information.

What types of WebQuest are there and what features do they have? – WebQuest Examples

Since its inception, WebQuests have been widely used in education in order to optimize the learning process in the face of a context loaded with useful and irrelevant information. In this sense, we invite you to know what type of WebQuest exists and its characteristics below.

WebQuest types

There are three types of WebQuests : long-term or long-term WebQuests, short-term or short-term WebQuests, and Miniquests. Each of them has a clear objective and they differ from each other in the time required to apply them.

Long Term WebQuest (Long Term WebQuest)

A long-term WebQuest or long-term WebQuest is based on academic dedication for a period of one week or one month of class. It includes elaborate and deep activities in order to extend knowledge through certain processes such as abstraction, induction, deduction, classification and others.

Short-term WebQuest (Short-term WebQuest)

A short-term WebQuest or also known as a short-term WebQuest is based on obtaining knowledge about a certain topic in one or more subjects. The design of this type of WebQuest can span between one and three class periods.

webquest for classes


A Miniquest is the shortened version of a WebQuest and is designed to cover one or two classes. This type of WebQuest is based on just three steps including the scenario, the activity, and the product.

How is a WebQuest developed?

Every WebQuest should be developed through three steps: an introduction to show the current context to the students. This first step includes the explanation of the activity to be carried out and the results that are expected to be achieved. The second step is the process through which the activity runs. It includes the use of ICT, accessing the remote desktop of the PC and other traditional resources.

Finally, the third step is to reach a conclusion. Here the results obtained are analyzed and if the objectives that were initially set are met. In case of certain deficiencies, it is necessary to create proposals to improve the process in the future. In all the steps there must be a constant interaction between the students and the teacher.

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