What is the WMAN wireless network, what is it for and how does it work?

For example, if it did not exist, the design and construction of infrastructures would be much more complicated. Since the workers could not resort to the necessary tools such as three-dimensional designs elaborated in programs, or specialized machinery in heavy work.

Even communication with our environment has changed considerably. Previously and only about 40 or 50 years ago remote communication through a device was only possible over a network cable, but now our devices connect wirelessly.

What is WMAN wireless network technology?

Metropolitan Area Network

When we talk about WMAN wireless networks we refer to a type of network that we find within a small area, interconnected by different strategic points around the area. In such a way that its range of reach is not that wide.

But on the other hand, this technology is incredibly efficient when it comes to connecting all nearby equipment. We could consider it as a type of network similar to the LAN connections of a company, only that the wireless factor of the same applies.

What is the WMAN wireless network for?

The wireless network has different uses, but it is important to explain that this network is very efficient for all types of activities that did not require a connection in a very extensive range and that on the other hand its connectivity is even more efficient.

For example, for companies they are a true wonder, since they always have all their equipment and devices within a small area. And also the workers need an excellent connection to give the highest possible productivity.

For universities it is also a good tool, since they have needs similar to the case of the company. Students need a constant internet connection to be able to develop all the research that a project deserves, whether for engineering or for social sciences.

How does the WMAN wireless network work?

How the WMAN wireless network works

The devices that have this technology work through two wireless systems for connectivity and data transmission, which are radio waves and infrared light. Therefore, devices that want to use such technology must have receivers for them.

Although that is not an issue to worry about, since a large part of smartphone devices are capable of receiving and emitting these radiations. In addition, radio waves have a range of up to ten kilometers, so the user can use the network without complications.

How are the devices currently developed with this technology?

Regarding the equipment that currently have been developed with this technology we can say that they are not bad at all, many of them have an incredibly fast data transfer, in quantitative terms, they can transmit up to 70mbs / s.

This considering that the devices that have been connected to the equipment are in a range of 50 kilometers around. And it must also be on a completely linear path, if a blockage such as a mountain is found between the path between the device and the computer, it can change to 20mbs / s.

This technology can be a great tool to supply the internet to a large population of people, the only limitation is distance, but it makes up for it by having excellent connectivity with nearby computers.

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