What is the OTG cable for in Android and what are all its uses?

The utility of OTG cable in Android is expanded according to the needs of users. If you wonder  , what is the OTG cable for in Android and what are all its uses? , then pay attention to this interesting article.

What is OTG cable?

OTG stands for “On The Go” and refers to a cable that allows you to extend the USB port to connect it to any peripheral device.

How does the OTG cable work?

The OTG cable functions as an outlet provided by the mobile device through the microUSB port that is used to supply the charge to the battery. The OTG cable allows you to establish a connection with any type of peripheral, giving it the utility it deserves on an Android or iOS mobile device.

What is the OTG cable for in Android and what are all its uses?

The OTG cable is an extremely useful resource due to the various uses that we can apply to our mobile devices. Next, we explain the usefulness of the OTG cable and what are all its uses.

What is the OTG cable for?

The OTG cable in Android is used to connect a keyboard or mouse to our cell phone as well as an SD card, speakers, a hard disk and to load and transfer files from a pendrive.

Also, the OTG cable could be an excellent resource for connecting a game console controller and making quick backups of the information you store on your mobile device without the need for a PC.

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Activate OTG cable operation with Android device

To make the OTG cable work with an Android device it is necessary to know if the mobile is compatible with USB OTG . For this, you can connect the OTG cable to the cell phone and to a pendrive. Then, verify that both are recognized by accessing the cell phone’s file explorer and confirming that you can enter the USB drive.

What are all the uses of the OTG cable?

The OTG cable can be used to connect various peripherals to a mobile device as mentioned below:

Connect a USB mouse and keyboard

In the same way as we connect a keyboard or mouse in a computer, a USB keyboard and mouse can be connected to an Android device through an OTG cable. This option is very useful when we do not have the alternative of “Bluetooth” and we need to write long documents.

Connect a hard drive or USB stick

Do you need to connect a USB memory to a cell phone to transfer files? This use is well known and is based on the use of the OTG cable. To access the information on a hard drive or USB memory, you can use any file explorer available for Android.

This option is highly recommended when we do not have a large internal memory and we want to handle a considerable amount of files.

Mobile tablet and OTG

Documents printing

If you have a printer with a USB port, the OTG cable can be a good option to print the documents that you save on your Android device. This use is useful in those moments when you do not have a Wi-Fi connection or the “Bluetooth” function.

It is worth mentioning that to print the document, you need the printer manufacturer’s App in order to transfer the documents.

Connect a microphone

You can connect a microphone to an Android device via OTG cable without any inconvenience. This utility will help you make recordings when the cell phone’s microphone is not of high quality. However, you must edit the sound files on your computer.

Connect an Ethernet cable

You can connect your Android phone with the Ethernet cable via OTG. To do this, you need Marshamallow version 6.0 (or higher) and an adapter to transform your phone’s USB into a female connector for the Ethernet cable.

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