What is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality?

In these modern times where technology advances without limits, more and more news are seen and heard about new inventions focused on the entertainment industry. That is why today, many people around the world wonder what is the difference between augmented reality and virtual reality? Check out this article for the answer!

What we must be clear about is that, nowadays, technologies and advances applied to entertainment have been innovated with the introduction of virtual reality. So to know the difference, we must first know well what virtual reality is and how it differs from augmented reality.

Virtual reality

Let’s start by talking a bit about virtual reality (VR). Virtual reality is known as the creation of real-life environments, appearances and objects, which are brought to the technological field through computer programs.

This creates in the user the sensation of immersion in this world of virtual reality thanks to the different elements. For this, state-of-the-art technological devices are used, among the most common are: virtual reality helmets, gloves, suits and any device that allows the user to interact with the virtual world as much as possible.

woman using virtual reality simulates escaping from her crashed spaceship in unknown jungle

Currently, virtual reality can be done through different methods . These methods are known as interaction methods. In this case some of them are:

  • Simulator: This allows the user to have a greater interaction with reality by being used for various functions. Among the simulators we find: simulator of vehicles, airplanes, trains, among others.
  • Avatars : This allows greater interaction between the computer and the person immersed. You can use a pre-designed avatar and customize it or enter a personal photo for the system to generate an avatar.
  • Projection of real images : This is the most popular by designers, since its function is quite simple. It is about using and projecting images in sequence and with automatic reaction to achieve that feeling of immersion. For example: amusement parks.

So with virtual reality we can have a real experience through computer systems and programs. But now that we know this, what is augmented reality?

Augmented reality

In short, augmented reality (AR) is the action of introducing digital environments or elements to the real world, through a device such as your mobile phone. Being able to design a room, make a work of art or make engineering plans and even play a video game and make recordings of it.

It can be done digitally in the real world using augmented reality. Since it adds virtual information to the information or physical reality that already exists,

Augmented reality has different elements and levels. All this in order to achieve the superposition of virtual objects and figures in the real world. Some of these necessary elements are:

  • Cameras
  • Processors
  • Screens.
  • Internet connection.
  • Activators.
  • Markers.

Its different levels can be classified as follows, ranging from the most basic to the most complex, according to the level of interrelation between the physical and digital world:

  • Level 0: It is the most basic and specializes in the links from the physical to the virtual world through the reading of codes, for example: QR codes.
  • Level 1: It is based on colored markers and black and white images. Make links of figures and simple drawings.
  • Level 2: With this reality the use of markers is canceled. This is usually seen in systems such as GPS or digital compasses.
  • Level 3: This is the magnified view of things. As an example of this level, augmented reality glasses or lenses are used as an example.

observation through lenses of a sunny beach landscape with augmented reality

Difference between both realities

As we see in this article, the virtual reality difference is that which allows the user to feel immersed in a virtual world. While augmented reality is the one that integrates information and digital elements into the real world for our benefit or entertainment.

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