What is non-consensual portability? – How to avoid being a victim of fraud or being changed companies without authorization

To start, before explaining what non-consensual portability is, it is ideal that you understand what the concept of portability is. In this case, portability is understood as the right of the user to keep his telephone number even if he changes the service provider. This applies to mobile or landline numbers; You can change portability  so you can check how the process is going.

On the other hand, non-consensual portability occurs when you receive a code called a PIN accompanied by a call, without you having requested the change of company or provider of the telephone service. It should be noted that although portability is a right in this case the user is being the victim of fraud, therefore it is important to know how to proceed.

hidden person committing portability fraud

How do you know that a portability fraud is being generated?

Although technology has served to facilitate the life of the user, it has also become a very easily used means to be scammed and even the networks serve as a mechanism for the offender to comment on their crimes. In that case, it is appropriate that you know how to protect yourself from these frauds on WhatsApp .

Likewise, the fraud of non-consensual portability uses these means and you may even receive a phone call, so you must be very attentive by all possible means. In this same vein, the first red flag that you should recognize is the contact call that you will receive from some supposed authorized agents who work for your service company.

In this case, if you have not requested to send the PIN code to change the service provider, do not continue with the call, you will have to hang up the phone automatically; since the scammer will try to convince you and will give you a thousand reasons to change companies, and all with the intention that you give the PIN.  If you are being the victim of this fraud and you have not yet submitted the portability code PIN, you will have to do the following.

  • Ignore and delete a message that will arrive with a PIN.
  • Also, do not provide this code to any telephone company.
  • Do not read the code and much less lend your phone.

fraud victim phone

What to do if I was a victim of non-consensual portability?

Being a victim of non-consensual portability is very similar to being the subject of internet banking scams ; that is, you can avoid it if you are alert. However, if you have already been affected by these criminals, you do not feel bad, since these are organized groups that have been carrying out these fraudulent acts for a long time.

The ideal thing in these cases is to report what happened before to the competent authorities and to appear quickly at an authorized center of your service provider; You will also currently find telephone numbers that are available to users to report this type of fraud.

It should be noted that it is of the utmost importance that you solve or clarify this type of scam quickly, since this way you can avoid contracting debts that are generated by breaking the relationship in the middle of an income plan. This action being so delicate that it could take you to the credit bureau.

Likewise, in many cases by making the complaint or report on time, the telephone service company will be able to process the incident and avoid unnecessary debts, and there are even cases where the provider manages to restore the line to the customer without major inconvenience.

So do not forget for any reason to make the claim, and even before a suspicious origin call; Remember that in any case, by giving information about your data to scammers, you remain vulnerable, being ideal that the authorities or entities are aware of what happened.

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