What is it, what is it for and what are the best IP telephony providers?

Meaning of IP telephony The rise of a different technology!

Many people can be intimidated when hearing the term IP, but the truth is something very simple, basically this technology integrates both voice and data services in the same functional network (unifies voice, videos, data, in the same internet network). This is why it is occasionally referred to by the term IP convergence.

It must be understood correctly what is and what is it for and how does the VoIP telephone system work? In order not to present problems in the final result of the tutorial.

These elements together allow us, as you may have already deduced, to obtain a telephony service, which allows communication (this system is mostly used by companies), its main elements would be: IP switchboard, IP Gateway, and the different IP phones.

What is it for?

Basically it simplifies the management of the telephone network in the company, that is, it unites the different offices as well as the (mobile) workers.

It creates a central management based on a single provider, and within the company it grants free calls, gives access to advanced functions such as voice mailboxes, IVR, CTI, etc.

It also optimizes lines of communication (cleaner, safer and more efficient), as well as providing comprehensive numbering plans. If you use the best IP telephony providers, they will be better benefits.


dialing phone number

How does it work?

This is even simpler than the above for the correct use of an IP telephony service, you should know the following, IP telephony uses data networks to generate voice calls, which ends up being encrypted in an analog signal. Something different from how the VoWiFi calling service works.

This signal is converted into data packets to send over the internet (thanks to VOIP technology). In other words, it works like an email sending through the company or the person you are addressing.

To make it even easier and your better understanding, the step by step would be:

  • You pick up your phone and dial the other person’s
  • The operator (the telephone company) intercepts this signal (with a public network) and connects you with the operator of the analog destination (the number)
  • The voice is sent as already mentioned in compressed data packets, the telephone operator receives them (in the form of frequencies), and transfers them to their destination where the data is decompressed and your voice is heard.

In the world, which are the best IP telephony providers and why?

There are IP telephony provider numbers taking into account that it is not a technology (it is seeing its boom now, but it has existed since the 90s), however there are some that stand out among others.


the best IP telephony providers

Brand Grandstream

Grandstream is one of the oldest , formed in 2002, with headquarters in Boston and with 500 employees worldwide, it meets the necessary requirements to bring any company up.

Polycom Brand

Also one of the oldest founded in 1990, it is an American multinational with enough experience to meet your needs.

Founded in 2001, in this case China is one of the two best SIP telephone providers globally (in 2014 it obtained links with such renowned brands as Verizon, ATYT, British Telecom, among others).

Each of these companies stands out for the high level they offer telephony, not for nothing are they the best IP telephony providers ,   generally offering benefits such as SIP protocols, SIP accounts, programmable audios on their phones, LCD screens in their phones, among others.

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