What is it, what is it for and how does Autotune work? – Use tips

Do you know what the Autotune is? You have most likely heard about various programs to modify the voice both on your mobile phone and on your pc, and this is where Autotune is present, but you may not know for sure how it works or what it was specifically created for. Do not worry that in this post, we will clarify all those doubts in a few seconds.

In general terms, we can speak of this program as a voice processor, which was designed for all those people who wanted to change their voice with special effects . In this post we will explain in more detail how it works and what this tool designed for computers is about.

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What is AutoTune and what is it usually used for?

Known as Autotune, it is a software, which uses audio processing functions , with which its main task is to modify the voice and different aspects within an audio.

It helps to correct different imperfections or also some inaccuracies, which are usually given when making a recording. In this way, it is possible to conceal a bit of the reality of the audio and all thanks to a little editing.

One of the best examples that can be given of what this program symbolizes is to compare it with Photoshop , which is a program focused on retouching different types of images, but in the case of Autotune, we are talking about editing in audio format.

The way in which it works, in quite rudimentary, however, many producers and people specialized in the world of music, usually go to it in case they need any of its exclusive functions. That is why many users download and use this editing program every day.

Thanks to the popularity that this program has acquired, thanks to the invention of this program, other programs of this style have been created, which seek to solve various problems in voice modulation.

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Advantages of using Autotune

  • This is a program for editing and handling at the same time, whose use implements are subtle, with which the quality within the musical track can be improved, even at the vocal level, without the modifications being noticed within the track.
  • Thanks to the advances and popularity that this program has had, it is quite common that we now find hundreds of new tools within the application, which help us in our audio editing path .
  • It is usually used as one of the most successful ways, to give rise to artistic expressiveness and thus also as a specific complement for various tasks of an artistic nature.
  • It brings much more variety within the edition in addition to promoting the exploration of different environments and musical rhythms within the same album.
  • It is used to be able to grant users different types of spectacularity and greatness within some shows
  • It helps in correcting different specific errors, which without the help of this specific program we would have to repeat the work repeatedly.

Disadvantages of using Autotune

  • Various artists overly confine the extreme use of this tool and little or nothing of the artist’s essence remains in the album.
  • To have a much more complete use, some plug-ins are usually required, which can make different tracks sound similar to each other.
  • Within the world of music, Autotune has a certain degree of stigma, which overshadows the singer once some people find out that it has been used. This is due to the fact that it is understood that the artist does not have the own capabilities to be able to produce his own songs without the help of said element.
  • These are some of the most important basics you should know about this program. Although it has a wide popularity which precedes it, its use must be controlled and not abuse its tools or services.

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