What is HTTP3 and how does it work to improve internet speed?

Networks handle their own language, with a series of codes and protocols necessary for their proper functioning. The correct protocols and codes greatly improve internet browsing speed. One of them is HTTP3; But what is HTTP3 and how does this work to improve my internet speed? Find out the answer in this article.

The HTTP3 protocol

The Hypertext Transfer Protocol or in its abbreviated form HTTP, is a protocol that is used to be able to navigate freely on the web, in addition to improving browsing speed.

Since the year 2000, when the protocol was started with HTTP1 until today, this protocol has improved its function. HTTP1 was the most used for almost 15 years, every year that passed it made updates; until 2015 when it was replaced by HTTP / 2.

speed characteristics comparison between http2 and http3 to improve internet speed

Currently there is a version that offers improvements and new features for browsing the internet, this is the HTTP3 version; And although this version already existed since 2012, it was in 2018 that in a meeting organized by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), it was decided to use this protocol to define the standards for use on the network.

This protocol is used to define the semantics and syntax that the entire web uses to achieve communication, such as servers, clients, and proxies.

HTTP3 functions

The HTTP3 protocol allows the web browser to load the pages, with what is called a “web request”. This protocol has undergone a significant change and it is now that instead of being based on TCP, it uses QUIC, which stands for Quick UDP Internet Connections.

wooden sign indicating take http3 route to improve internet speed


The reason why our browsing time or response speed (ms) is slow is largely due to an IP protocol that governs all pages on the web. Connections are made using handshakes, feedback.

This causes the constant flow of information between the sender and receiver to be excessive, thus causing a longer waiting time; Furthermore, if we want to access certain pages and the server is distant, the response takes longer and the waiting time increases.

How to use HTTP3 to improve Internet speed?

To first know how we can use it, we must know which browsers use or allow HTTP3. In this case, the Google Chrome browser is the first browser to implement the HTTP3 protocol on its system.

Thanks to this we can verify the incredible improvements in the speed of entry and loading of the web pages that are compatible. This speed increase translates to improved latency.

That is, if we had a latency of 300 ms to load a page, now we would have a latency of 100 ms with the use of HTTP3. To use it we must install Google Chrome Canay, then we create a shortcut on the desktop. Once done, right click on the shortcut and copy the following to the bottom of the path:

  •  –Enable-quic –quic-version = h3-23

In order to verify that it is working, we enter the web page quic.rocks:4433, if we do it correctly, a respective message will appear. But if we are not successful, you can do the following:

Enter blog.cloudflare.com, press the F12 key, continuing with the Network option , right-click where the columns are to be able to activate all the available protocols. In this way we can see which ones are loaded by QUIC.

If we follow these steps we can improve the speed of our Internet using the HTTP3 protocol. We hope this article has been useful to you, and if you liked it, share it with your friends.

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