What is and what is the IP certification for mobile devices?

Nowadays, the use of mobile devices is very common in all parts of the world , particularly because these are small and easy-to-carry devices so that the user can play video games, update with news and reports, listen to music with the best players and watch the videos you like the most.

You can buy them in different models, size and weight. An advantage of them is that they are programmable and flexible, easy to handle because they have touch screens

These devices have good internal storage capacity and you can easily add external storage accessories such as: disks, MicroSD, SD memories , higher capacity among others.

In addition, they have good connectivity with wireless networks in which you can enter an internet network where you can receive and enter data.

What is an IP Certification?


apple device with front and back water protector

Mobile devices or computers have an interface that is connected to a network in which it can identify. The IP abbreviations are derived from its termination in English International Protection or Ingrees Protection.

That determines the protection against the entry or entry of external agents that can affect your mobile device such as water, dust, in addition to knowing what degree of resistance your device has.

What is IP certification on mobile devices and what is it for?


dropped phone with screen down and woman in background

The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) founded this certification governed by the IEC 60529 standards to measure the degree of protection of your mobile devices.

Its main rule is if in the cases mentioned above in relation to protection against dust with the numbers from 0 to 6 or protection against water from 0 to 9, the higher the number of start of the degree of protection the device will be better. protected.

With regard to dust IP 0x has no protection, IP 1x: your device is covered against solid bodies greater than 50 mm; IP 2x: covered against solid bodies greater than 12 mm; IP 3x: covered against solid bodies greater than 2.5 mm; IP 4x: covered against solid bodies greater than 1 mm; IP 5x: protected against dust and IP 6x: completely covered against dust.

If your device in the test that you do marks the IP6x level, this is the highest it reaches because it does not allow any type of external solid particles to enter your device, if it were the case in your equipment I congratulate you because it is completely hermetic. You can buy your certified mobile in a store like amazon.

The certification in the case of water entry applied to the devices is more complex, since it evaluates the entry level of the water or other liquid, let us know two main ones:

  • IP x0: does not have any type of protection;
  • IP x1: covered against vertically falling drops of water.
  • IP x2: covered against falling water droplets with maximum inclination of 15 degrees
  • IP x3: covered against water mist at an angle of up to 60 degrees, leveled at 11 liters per minute.
  • IP x4: covered against jets of water from any deviation, averaging 10 liters per minute.
  • IP x5: covered against jets of water from any angle, level of 12.5 liters per minute.
  • IP x6: covered against strong jets of water, at the rate of 100 liters per minute from any angle
  • IP x7: covered against the effects of partial immersion.
  • IP x8: covered against submersion and last.
  • IP 9K: covered against strong jets of water at high temperature, between 14 and 16 liters of water at 80 ° C per minute.

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