What is and how to prevent grooming and what types are there?

Pedophile deception or child grooming as it is also known; It is one of the problems that affects the child population worldwide. It is related to pornography and prostitution of minors. Its aftermath is often devastating. In this post you will know its meaning, the types and how to prevent grooming.

What is grooming?

Grooming refers to the behavior, deceptive way of acting of an adult. In order to gain the trust and friendship of a minor.

This adult tries to create a strong emotional bond that later allows him to dominate the child. In general, this type of deception is carried out online and later physical contact is achieved. Sometimes deception involves impersonating a child online to establish a faster connection.

After making the emotional connection, the adult tries to get pornographic material, sometimes hacking account passwords. In some cases it reaches the degree of child abuse and child prostitution and sexual extortion.

The grooming process involves a whole strategy and takes time, which the adult needs to be a person of trust for the child.

During this time, try to isolate the child as much as possible from his family, teachers and friends. In this way he can be the only person with whom the child feels comfortable and can establish intimacy.

withdrawn boy receiving attack from laptop

Types of grooming

There are two types of grooming, the first occurs when the previous bond of trust is not created. As for the material or sexual content, it is obtained by hacking the keys of PC or social networks .

After obtaining it, an extortion phase begins, so they can obtain more erotic or sexual content. The key to this type of grooming is that the material is obtained by force.

The second type of grooming is when the adult establishes a prior bond with the minor. So the sexual material is delivered by the boy or girl, since he fully trusts the adult.

This trust is gained by applying deception methods and using existing information on social networks; therefore it is necessary to prevent grooming in children. It can even take a long time to establish a relationship, even years, so the bond will be more intimate.

How to prevent grooming?

Grooming is a real problem that endangers millions of children, especially in this technological age that we live in. In order to prevent grooming, it is important to follow the following recommendations:

  • The main thing is to guide children about their activity on the Internet. Also knowing how to select audiovisual material, as well as 3D movies . It is vital that they understand that under no circumstances should they accept strangers as friends. This applies to social networks, forums and online chats, emails and other modalities.
  • Children also need to know how to reject requests for photos and images with sexual content. Parents or guardians should explain that this content will be exposed on the network and can hardly be deleted. Additionally, it can be used for pornography and other child sex crimes. The child should not carry out this type of exchange, not even with acquaintances.
  • It is also not recommended to use a webcam while chatting with people you do not know personally. Since this can be recorded and later the personal information can be used as extortion or disclosed.
  • Keep the computer security systems and privacy policies updated and reinforced. As well as designing passwords that are difficult to decipher or with personal data. After creating them, they should not be shared with anyone other than parents.
  • Avoid providing personal information on social networks or other online platforms such as emails. It is advisable to use pseudonyms or aliases to avoid being more vulnerable to grooming.

mother pending the care of the son before a laptop

  • The family communication is the best tool is why parents should be alert at all times with their children. They should constantly talk to them and be aware of any change in behavior or attitude.
  • Constant supervision is essential, so you can know the use that your children give to the applications that children use, as well as the use of social networks , other websites and electronic devices in general.

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