What is an update and what types of updates currently exist? Definition and examples

However, in this article, we are going to refer mainly to everything that has to do with technology, computer systems and the internet. Where we will refer to updates at the software and hardware level.

What is an update

An update is a process by which an object, thing or person catches up to date with what is present, something new.

This definition, in the field of technology and the Internet , is used to show new versions of programs, operating systems or applications that contain improvements in their functionalities, functions, tools, patches, browsing speed, storage capacity or what is available to you. happen.

The updates were created mainly to be able to fix the problems that arise through use and incorporate improvements in the systems, preventing them from becoming obsolete.

Every day more companies are dedicated to the world of computing and technology. This means that, as there is so much supply, sometimes even higher than the demand, they become more competitive every day and want to offer the most innovative.

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Why it is important to keep your operating systems, programs and applications updated

This is a great debate that arises between conservatives and progressives is because updates are necessary. Unfortunately, for all those who reject the changes, we must tell you that the updates are extremely important.

Well, as different operating systems, programs or applications are developed, it is the developers and users themselves who are discovering some flaws in their operation. That is why some updates bring problems to the devices.

To do this, they create patches to be able to safeguard security conditions. Well, many times, as the days go by, some details begin to be more obvious and need improvement.

All companies have a cycle to review their systems and implement new improvements in their products. This will depend exclusively on each one and the products they offer.

Some, especially those dedicated to application development, usually launch beta versions . They, as their name indicates, are test or pilot versions so that some users can access it.

It’s a good way to help developers find potential bugs in their operating systems before releasing a new update.

The patches or updates suppose a solution to the failures detected by the programmers in the versions that are considered official or current.

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What types of updates exist. Examples

Although there are infinities of updates, we can classify them into three main categories:

  • Important updates. They are essential for the proper and proper functioning of the system. They include stability and performance improvements. For example, PC operating systems , applications and programs.
  • Recommended updates. They are not necessarily necessary, but they do imply an improvement in the system. For example, it is the case of applications or programs.
  • Optional updates. They do not represent improvements in your system, although they add new functions and tools. We can mention, for example, the case of mobile devices, household appliances, or hardware tools.

There are risks that can arise in the event that you have not made an update and you have it pending. Among them we can mention some that refer to the security system, such as:

  • Worm or Trojan virus
  • Exploits
  • Malware
  • Vulnerabilities

That is why we must avoid having malicious software on our device that could harm them permanently.

We hope this article has been useful to you. Remember that it is important that you always keep your updates up to date.

An advantage that computers with the Windows operating system have is that this OS brings Windows Update with it, which is responsible for updating programs, although sometimes Windows Update has problems, such as getting stuck looking for an update.

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