What is an SMTP server, what is it for and how does it work?

All of us today have seen the need to send and receive emails. Whether in our work or personal life; the know how to use e – mail services has become a vital part of the lives of many, thanks to the wide utility that they have.

But, despite using them so much, many of us do not know how they work. That is why today we show you what an SMTP server is, what it is for and how it works;  so that you understand much more thoroughly how it is possible to use emails correctly.

What is an SMTP server?

Although all of us use this server in our day to day; As surprising as it may seem, many do not really know what the function of it is. It ends up being one more technological term that people don’t know about.

But in reality, it is much easier to know than it seems. The acronym SMTP stands for “Simple Mail Transfer Protocol”, which already gives us an idea of ​​the important task it carries out.

What is an SMTP server for?

The very important function of this server is to allow different emails to reach their destination without any problem.

The SMTP server serves, so to speak, as a “postman” that carries the emails that are sent by different networks to their final destination, thus becoming one of the most used services worldwide, as long as you have a good Internet signal.

Since its creation in 1982, it has been extremely used by millions of people, and it does not seem that its work is close to ending, since the different social networks in charge of sending emails, such as Gmail, continue to use it, as one of their best tricks or secrets up your sleeve.

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In addition, it makes communication much more efficient than it was a few years ago, since it works extremely quickly and efficiently, unlike other communication services.

How does an SMTP server work?

Although at first glance it may seem somewhat complicated, understanding the operation of an SMTP server is very simple for each and every one of us.

Simply, when a data relay is carried out by the SMTP server, that is; an email is sent, what happens is the confirmation of a series of text commands, which are sent to their destination later.

In itself, the SMTP server is a bridge that makes it possible, through different commands, for sent e-mail to reach its destination with the exact sending information.

In fact, this exchange of commands could be called in some way as a “conversation”, since it allows an exact communication between the client and the SMTP server.

What to watch out for when using an SMTP server?

There are certain important factors to consider when sending an email and therefore use an SMTP server to carry out this process.

When using or sending email, keep in mind that most email account providers such as Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, among others, use a single common SMTP server, which is shared by different users.

This, of course, may mean that you may have certain security and privacy problems;  Since being a shared server, it may be used by spammers or hackers who may interfere with your information.

And while some security-conscious companies and individuals get their own SMTP server, this can be difficult for most, as it is costly and time-consuming. Therefore, obtaining one or not is a personal decision. The easiest thing you could do is learn to send more secure and self-destructing emails or send encrypted emails .

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In summary, we hope that all this information is useful to you and that you can use it to your advantage. Don’t let anything stop you from continuing to enjoy advances in technology; and that you can take full advantage of everything that an SMTP server has to offer.

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