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You may have been presented with different performance problems due to some components of your PC not being programmed correctly to work together. This problem is often defined as a bottleneck. However, many users do not know this term very well, nor do they know how to differentiate what are the reasons that cause it. In this article we will show you what the PC bottleneck is and how to avoid it. 

What is the bottleneck in PC and how to avoid it

First of all, we must learn to differentiate when our PC is suffering the typical bottleneck problem. To be able to understand it well, the bottleneck occurs when one of the components of the PC is not up to the standards of the others. For this reason, knowing the performance of the entire PC with Winsat will help you correctly determine the problem.

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One of the most common examples of this problem occurs in computers dedicated to gaming, with mid-range or low-end processors, to which a high-end graphics card has been installed. When it comes time to use them, the processor does not have the capacity to support all the performance that the graphics card demands.

Likewise, the graphics card does not receive the necessary power to work correctly, since the processor does not have enough power to power it. For this reason, knowing what processor you have and how many cores there are will allow you to take full advantage of the quality of the card. Since you will be working well below your true potential. 

Next, we will talk about the  most common types of bottlenecks that we can find in a PC, how to detect them and some possible solutions to this common problem.

What causes bottleneck in PCs

A general rule of thumb in all computers is that all components work together to ensure the proper functioning of the system.

Commonly, this problem arises in computers assembled by the same users, who do not take into account the balance between components. However, it also happens a lot in equipment assembled and sold by the manufacturing company itself.

This happens because these companies give more importance to sales and marketing issues, than to technical criteria. On the other hand, completely avoiding the bottleneck is technically impossible, since we will always find an imbalance between components.

What we can do is reduce it to its maximum expression, so that it is imperceptible, or that its impact does not affect us.

Now, you will surely ask yourself: How can I identify if my PC has this failure? Well, when the bottleneck occurs, there are generally slight jerks, loss of frames per second, or momentary crashes. Even, it can also be presented in considerable low in FPS. 

This also depends a lot on the video games you are running on your PC. For example, there are games that require a more demanding processor to work properly.

They are generally City builder games  such as Skiline, Minecraft, strategy games such as Total Craft or World of Warcraft. These video games have many elements on the screen.

However, there are other more powerful video games which require you to measure and know the performance of your graphics card to work properly. These games stand out for having a higher quality of graphics and in general a maximum of 30 and 60 FPS. Very high texture details, light effects and hyper-realistic quality, characteristics that will make your graphics card work at 100%.

Avoid this problem on your PC

To prevent these problems from arising on your computer, the first thing you should do is choose the correct components on your computer. In this way, all the accessories will be balanced with each other, and will work correctly.

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When assembling your PC, make sure that the components to be installed are balanced with each other, so that no lag or performance problems arise. The best recommendation is that you carefully analyze the components, as well as their frequency and power.

Another way is to overclock your PC , in this way, the processor will work at more power. In this way, performance problems will be greatly reduced, but at the cost of reducing their lifetime.

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