What are the antennas of the WiFi Router for and how to place them correctly?

The wireless technology is critical to today’s world because we can connect to the Internet quickly and easily. This technology is here to stay, since thousands of users are connected to their Wi-Fi every day.

The Router is a device that provides an essential Wi-Fi network for high-speed and efficient Internet connections. Depending on the brand of the router, the connection will be of higher or lower quality but, in general, if you know how to place it, the signal will be good, that is why you have to take into account which are the best places to place a WiFi router. We give thanks to Wi-Fi a very valuable tool that makes it possible for even our homes so that our devices can always be connected.

And it is that who does not like to enjoy all the services that the Internet offers us ? It is a great advantage to have this network. However, there are times when because we do not know how to place our Wi-Fi antennas, our Internet is inefficient, we can buy these antennas through Amazon, Ebay, etc. But what can we do to position our antennas well? Let’s first analyze the antennas and what they are for.

What are Wi-Fi antennas for?

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The antennas that the Routers have are passive elements designed to redirect or orient the signal that the device emits. It is useful because you can enhance the signal range of the Router and also improve the quality of the devices that are nearby.

So since you already know what role the Router antennas play, now you must know the correct way to place them to improve the signal. Let’s first see what the antennas of the Wi-Fi Router are for and then we will see how to use them correctly.

How to place the Router and antennas correctly?

The radio waves that provide the Wi-Fi signal travel through the Router’s antennas generating a donut-shaped electromagnetic field. So the way to orient the antennas will depend on the location of the device and the distance it has to travel.

The area where you place the Router also influences a lot, you don’t have to set it too high or too low to always have a good intensity. You also have to know where in the house to locate your device to ensure that the signal is good.

Where should I locate my router?

If you live in a one-story house, it is best to place your router in a free area where there are no walls. In this way the electromagnetic waves will cost less to travel to your device, for example you can place it in a central part of your room.

It can also help to place it at the height of your waist taking advantage of the shape that the signal acquires so that it can reach more places. Now if you live in a 2 story house locate the Router in an elevated area on the first floor. So the signal can cover both floors in the best possible way and with that you can have a better Internet connection.

How should I place the antennas of my Router?

Wi Fi connections on devices

Now if, how should I place the antennas of the Router so that the signal has a better distribution and you can have a better connection quality?

A former Apple engineer once advised how to position Wi-Fi antennas for better signal coverage. One of the tips he gave was that the antennas should be positioned one horizontally and the other vertically.

Why this position? The engineer explains that when you place the antennas in this way the polarization of the signal is maximized. This happens because both the horizontal and vertical axes of your house will be covered by the polar zones of the signal.

This means that the antennas of devices that are oriented vertically will connect more easily from the horizontal antenna. And devices that have their Wifi receiving antenna oriented horizontally will be better able to connect from the vertical antenna.

If you follow these insurance tips, you will be able to see an improvement in the quality and coverage of your Internet connection. But if even following these steps you do not achieve the desired results, you can go through this article where we show you how to speed up your Internet connection.

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