What are CMBL files and how do I open them?

As a user of operating systems, we must know that there are a large number of files with different extensions and these have a particular shape to be able to open them. Some of them are compatible with Windows or Mac systems such as IPA files . In this case we are going to talk about a little known extension and in the following article we are going to show you what they are and how do you open files with a CMBL extension?

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First of all, we must explain what a file with a CMBL extension consists of and this is nothing more than a type of Logger Pro data file. And it can contain any type of analytical information, videos and spreadsheets. It is very commonly used in schools and universities by their students to save experimental data and mathematical formulas.

Although all this technical explanation may seem confusing and you do not understand how these types of files can be seen. We can tell you that these files are based on XML, but what does this mean?

Well, file editors such as Notepad can read it, as you can see, everything concerning the different text extensions that exist is very interesting .

What are and how do you open files with a CMBL extension?

Free text editors, as Windows Notepad is also known , is perfect for reading files with this extension. But you can also use any other free text program you can. Although it is possible that a browser can open a file with a CMBL extension   and display it in the browser as a text file,

But it is possible that when trying to open this type of file with a CMBL extension, garbled characters may be displayed by the means described above. In these cases it is recommended that you use the Logger Pro program so that the file displays an understandable format.

Although we can tell you that another application that you can use is Vernier GraphicalAnalysis iOS. It is free and has the ability to open files of this type, but they will not always show you all the information that the file contains.

Although it is important that you keep the following in mind and that is that there are files with CML extensions, which can be confused with CMBL extension files.

They have nothing to do with each other, CML files generally contain data with a chemical language and are encrypted by Crazy Machine Lab and CrytoMailer. And this means that it has nothing to do with the file formats of Logger Pro. And this of course means that it would be impossible to open a file with a CML extension with this program.

How can we open these CMBL files

Next we are going to show you three solutions that you can apply in cases of wanting to open a file that has the CMBL extension. And first of all you can download a program that allows you to open it and we recommend the Logger Pro Data. It is the best option to open these types of files.

If you downloaded the program and still can’t open it, you may need to create correct file associations. To do this, it will not import the operating system you are using, you just have to right click on the CMBL file. This action will generate a menu and you will select Open with and then choose the Logger Pro Data application or any other similar one.

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In the case that you have used the previous solutions and you have not been able to access the file, we recommend using File Magic. This is nothing more than a universal software viewer and is in the ability to open and view the file, this regardless of whether it is in binary format. But surely this last option will be more than enough to see your files with a CMBL extension.

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