Wattpad is a platform created for readers and writers launched in November 2006. This software allows you to read stories of different genres of literature for free. It can be accessed through the website, or through devices with Android, iOS, Windows or Mac OS. Its popularity is found around the adolescent public and fans of literature or even writing.

It helps and contributes to exploit all that youthful creativity, in addition to that, it is ideal for anyone, since the platform is extremely intuitive and easy to use. At present, Wattpad continues to function as the most sought-after site by those readers or writers , despite its controversies regarding copyright and its not so simple way of monetizing, it is still an excellent option to start a project as a writer. . 

How does it work 

This platform works as a site to publish different literary genres, thus gathering a community that values ​​the content and publishing writings on a voluntary basis.

Wattpad proposes to future writers to review three important parts to understand how it works , first : creating a story in an original way using appropriate resources, second : building a fan base as the story becomes popular, as well as connecting with other writers to exchange advice, and third : gain status with the rating (stars).

Notably, Wattpad uses its star rating system to name whether a story could become a book with Wattpad Books or even a movie with Wattpad Studios.


Wattpad is a platform focused on readers and writers. Therefore, it has several characteristics that benefit this particular audience. Learn what they are, below: 

  •  It is a community in which you can find various categories, be they stories, novels, poetry, fiction, mystery and much more. 
  • Wattpad users who are fond of writing can post their writing for free, be commented on and rated by other users.
  • The community is characterized by adolescents, so most of their stories are juvenile.
  • Wattpad empowers future influencers with literary talents through its platform by rating and advertising in most read story chapters.

Create an account

To create an account on Wattpad either as a writer or as a reader, it is only necessary to access the web and register, recommended with an email, for this, the following explains step by step how to do it:

  1. First, go to the official website ofWattpad.com.
  2. Once in the portal, you must click onRegister “.
  3. You must click onStart reading ” or ” Start writing “.
  4. Next you must choose a registration method. Being able to choose between registering with Facebook, with Google or with an email. In this case, we have chosen the third option.
  5. Next, the registration form will be displayed, here it will be necessary to enter the data corresponding to each box and finally, click onRegister with an email In this way the registration of an account in Wattpad is completed. Remember to keep your password in a safe place to avoid unnecessary inconvenience. 

Log in

After registering on the platform, you must proceed with the login within Wattpad. The procedure is very simple and will only take a few steps, which you will see below:

  1. The first thing to do to log in is to access the official website ofWattpad.com.
  2. Then go and press the buttonI nicie session with an email “.
  3. Then enter the data corresponding to “Username or Email” and “Password”.
  4. Finally, click onLogin “, and voila, you have successfully accessed the platform. 

Recover password 

If for any reason or reason you have forgotten your account password, rest assured, since you can easily recover it by following the steps that will be described now:

  1. First, it is necessary to access the following link to the page ofWattpad.com.
  2. After accessing the Wattpad page, a box is displayed where it says ” Username or email “, in this case we choose the username.
  3. Then you click on the button ” E S end user “.
  4. Next, you will receive an email with a button that is written ” R econfigure my password ” you must click on it.
  5. Two boxes will be displayed with ” New password ” and ” Confirm new password “. After filling in, click on the button that is written ” R set password “.
  6. This is the end of the steps to recover your password, you can log in normally.

Download the app

If you want to use Wattpad in a more comfortable way, you can get the application for mobile devices or PC. Which will be very practical if you want to read from a place other than the computer. Therefore, if you have an Android device, this is thelink to use. Instead for iOS devices, this is thelink you should use. You can also download it to your Windows computer, through thislink.

After that, you just have to  click on  ” Install ” or ” Get ” and the application will begin to download. After that, accept the different terms and conditions of use and voila, all you have to do is log in to enjoy all the content that Wattpad has for you.

Wattpad: Free Books and Stories
Developer: WP Technology Inc
Price: Kostenlos

Advantages of use

The Wattpad platform offers a large number of advantages or benefits for its users, regardless of whether they are writers or readers. Therefore, the most important ones will be detailed below:


Despite having incredible advantages, the platform also has certain disadvantages to solve. Among the most relevant to mention are:

Alternatives to Wattpad

Although the operation of the Wattpad platform is quite good, it does not hurt to analyze certain alternatives to the platform. Among these are: 


Sweek is a free platform for reading and writing books, similar to how Wattpad works. In it you will find various categories of different authors, it also has literary contests that could help you develop. It is also available for mobile devicesAndroid eiOS, to visit the site go toSweek’s official page.

I like to write

Megustaesificar is a social network for writers (of long or short stories) and readers developed in 2015. In it you can self-publish your work, be it a novel, poetry or an illustration. In addition to this, the platform has groups, resources and all the necessary help for lovers of literature. To access it and register, just click on this link to the official page ofI like to write.


Inkspired is a free platform with different interesting programs for writers and readers created in 2015, in turn, it is available for devices with OSAndroid,iOS, MacOS and Windows devices, to access, you only need to click on this link to the official page ofInkspired.


Falsaria is a social network with a collective project launched in 2013 that establishes a new way of writing by publishing under the “ collaborative editing ” format . In this platform you will find groups, forums, contests, tutorials and much more, to start using it you only need to access the official page through this link toFake


Boukker is a website that allows you to create stories collaboratively with different writers; Created in 2020, Boukker has a very interesting reader donation system for users, to access and register it is only necessary to access through this link to the official page ofBoukker.

As you have seen, Wattpad has countless advantages and benefits when reading new works or if you are a writer who is just starting in the world of literature. Whatever the case, you will find great benefit and inspiration, as well as other highly practical and reliable alternatives.


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