Uber is an international transportation platform founded in March 2009. The company is responsible for providing a service as an intermediary between carriers and users, which consists of requesting a taxi through an application.

The Uber application has become popular and has achieved approval among drivers and travelers. This, because it offers a fairly fast service based on the demand for public transport. However, it has suffered certain problems with the law, which has caused it problems to function in some regions. Even so, the platform is still used in most Latin American countries and in many parts of the world.

Uber is the smart transportation company that managed to change to a great extent, the way TNC (Transportation Network Companies) worked because of that, several companies developed their own application to compete with this mobility service provider.

How does it work

Uber is an application that works as an intermediary between a traveling user and a transport vehicle driver (VTC) to which users request through a mobile application. This service works through a device with an Android or iOS operating system connected to the internet.

The functionality of the service is based on the role of the drivers affiliated with Uber and the travelers who use the platform. In this sense, when a user requests a transportation service, a driver partner is appointed to carry out the service. All this, through the Uber platform.

How to use Uber

Uber has two types of users, the one who requests the transportation service (the traveler) and the one who provides it ( the driver partner ). The following will explain step by step how to use the application in its two roles:

Uber for partner drivers

  1. Sign up for Uber for Drivers through the following link:uber.com/signup/drive
  2. Finally, it will load a page where there will be a form to fill in the corresponding data.
  3. To finish the registration, it is necessary to click on ” next ” in this way and it is only necessary to download the application.
  4. The Uber application is available at this direct link to the store Play Store, andApp Store.
  5. After entering the store, you should go to the ” install ” button and tap on it.
  6. When the installation is finished as a driver user, you only need to start receiving notifications to make trips.

Uber for passengers

  1. Sign up for Uber for passengers through the following link:get.uber.com/sign-up
  2. In this way, a form will appear in which we must fill in the boxes with the corresponding information for the registration.
  3. To complete the registration, click on ” next “.
  4. Now it is important to download the application, it is available at this link to the store Play Store, andApp Store.
  5. Once located in the store, you must locate the ” install ” button and tap on it.
  6. At the end of the installation as a traveling user, the trips can already be requested through the application.


The application developed by the transportation service company Uber, has features that are presented below:

Uber for travelers

  • Uber users can make their payments in cash and with cards (using a reader connected to the mobile device)
  • The Uber application provides the user with the driver’s data, as well as the photo and license plate of the vehicle for greater security and confidence.
  • Uber allows the user to know the location and proximity to the destination, using a GPS.
  • The Uber app is available for free for Android and iOS devices.

Uber for drivers

  • An Uber driver needs to be at least 21 years of age, as well, requires more than one year of driving experience.
  • In order to use the service as a driver, Uber requires that the vehicle must not be older than a 2008 model year.
  • Most drivers who use Uber use private vehicles approved by Uber to work. 
  • Getting customers is simple, just turn on the application and receive notifications from users who require a transport.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Uber platform has many advantages in its use, but also disadvantages that we will analyze below:

Advantages for travelers

  • Users who prefer Uber recognize that driver rates are quite cheap.
  • Apart from making payments with debit cards, Uber allows you to cancel the amount of the fees with credit cards.
  • The popularity of a driver is based on the rating of the travelers, thus building a trustworthy reputation for users.
  • Through its smart search app, Uber makes finding a taxi easy.

Disadvantages for travelers

  • If a user regrets after ordering the taxi, they must still pay for the service even if they are not going to use it.
  • There are Uber users who violate the conditions of use, outsourcing to cover more trips with the same image and user account.
  • Uber drivers do not have special documentation for this job, since the vast majority are private drivers.
  • Users could find problems when requesting the service and that the driver simply does not know the city well to carry out his destination.

Advantages for the driver

  • The Uber application also generates confidence in the driver about customers, since the data of a traveler is registered in the system.
  • The drivers are not Uber employees, so they can set their own hours to work.
  • VTC users who prefer Uber use it as a second job to earn extra money.
  • Users who belong to Uber’s group of driving partners can make agreements with telephone agencies and vehicle insurance.

Disadvantages for the driver

  • The driver does not receive any benefits from this company, since Uber is only an intermediary between the driver and the traveler.
  • The Uber company does not cover the insurance of the driver’s vehicle, as this service is only an intermediary application.
  • Although Uber is approved by the majority of traveling users, it is considered unfair competition for the traditional taxi industry.
  • The drivers Uber face problems with taxi drivers in the area, or even conduct negotiations with the law and labor union leaders to power.


For those looking for alternatives to Uber, several services of this nature have now become popular. The most important ones in the industry are outlined below:


Lyft is an application for the transportation industry launched in 2012, it was created to connect drivers and traveling users, offering an intelligent service focused on ordering a taxi. Lyft is only available in the United States and Canada To use it, simply register throughthis link.


Cabify is a platform founded in 2011, it is in charge of providing its users with the means of transport that suits their needs. Cabify is one of the platforms in this sector with the highest incidence in Spanish-speaking countries such as Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and others. To use this application it is necessary to download it from the Play Store throughthis link.


Beat is an application development company created in 2011, it is dedicated to facilitating the interconnection between drivers and travelers to move around a city. Beat activity within the main locations of many Latin American countries. This application is available in the Play Store and App store, to access it just click onthis link.


Etaxi is a mobile platform created in 2014, which acts as an intermediary between the user and the driver as a transport service. This company has active partners in the main Latin American countries. In addition, to download your application is available in the Play Store and App Store. Below isthis download link.


NTaxi is an application developed in 2017, this platform allows several users to occupy the vehicle even if they go in different directions and making the payment through the same application. To obtain this service, simply accessthis link.

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