The best series and movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video in 2021

If you wonder what are the best series and movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video, in this article you will find an extensive list with a small summary of each one. Undoubtedly, this platform is increasingly positioning itself among users and is the direct competition of renowned television entertainment industries such as HBO and Netflix. Its exclusive catalog and its comfortable price are part of the most outstanding attractions of Amazon Prime Video.

Therefore, if you have purchased the membership or want to try the service during the free trial period but do not know what to watch, here you will find the best series and movies to watch on Amazon Prime Video in 2021. A direct access link to the content will be left on the platform and in turn, you will watch the official trailer so you can learn more about the story. In this way, you can quickly identify which series or movies you want to start watching.

The Boys

The superhero theme has captivated many users and that is why “The Boys” stands out as one of the favorite series. The story centers on Hughie, a young man whose girlfriend is killed by a superhero who runs her over at super speed with his body. Later, Hughie meets “Butcher” who wishes to plan revenge against all superheroes for their senseless and unpunished actions. If you want to see this series, press thislink.

The Good Doctor

This series stands out for starring Freddie Highmore as Shaun Murphy, a young autistic doctor with theSage Syndrome.” Due to his condition and lack of empathy, many doctors hesitate to hire him at the hospital to which he is postulated, so he must demonstrate all his knowledge and potential to gain the trust of all. To see “The Good Doctor” on your Prime account, click on thislink.

Mr. Robot

This series revolves around Elliot Anderson (Rami Malek) who is a security engineer by day and a vigilante hacker by night. Meet “Mr. Robot ”who will hire you to execute your social cleaning plan. He has a very harsh criticism of society, consumerism and the lack of humanity in the world. If the topic of justice and technology piracy appeals to you, press thislink to start watching “Mr Robot”.

The Sound of Metal

Originally called “The Sound of Metal,” it is an Amazon Prime Video original drama with high expectations of winning multiple accolades. It tells the story of a drummer who progressively begins to lose his hearing. When his condition worsens, his girlfriend decides to enter him into a rehabilitation for the deaf. From there, you will begin to adjust to your new reality. If you want to start watching this interesting movie, press thislink.


With an incredible cast of actors, “Widows” is one of the most watched Amazon Prime Video movies in recent months. Apart from having great stars, its plot is enveloping as it focuses on telling the story of 4 women whose husbands die during illicit activities, but they decide to lead the group of vandalism left behind by the deceased. If you decide to see this movie full of action and surprises, click on thislink.

American gods

This series combines mythology with fantasy and stars as “Shadow”, an ex-convict man who after paying his sentence finds out that his wife and best friend have died in a car accident. At the funeral he meets “Mr Wednesday” who hires Shadow as his bodyguard for a dangerous journey between gods and royal magic. It has 3 seasons and you can see them through thislink.


This movie is a sci-fi comedy where people are in the year 2033 and when the time of their death approaches, they can raise their consciousness to the digital resort of their choice. When Nathan, the main character, is about to die he meets Nora, his protective angel who will give him customer service in the technological afterlife. If you are attracted to this type of theme, press thelink to go to Prime Video.


Also called “By herself” or “Starting over” it tells the life of Sandra, who escapes with her two young daughters from her abusive partner. From time to time he must travel so that the girls see the father, since custody is shared. However, the journey is getting heavier and therefore, she decides to build herself a house near the city where she can live with her daughters. To see this moving story, press thislink.

3 paths

“3 roads” shows 5 people with different nationalities who meet by having a point in common: Transit the Camino de Santiago. This spiritual journey is presented as a catharsis to discover forgiveness, emotions and dreams. They will also encounter obstacles that will remind them of certain reflections, fears and disappointments. It is an original series from Amazon Prime Video and you can watch it from thislink.

One night in Miami

“One night in Miami” is a fictional story about the epic reunion of 4 great icons for the African American community: Malcom X, Muhammed Ali, Jim Brown and Sam Cooke. In 1964, Ali getting the victory over Sonny Liston, meets with these characters in a hotel room in Miami. From there come expressions and thoughts against racial segregation in the south of the country. It is an original Amazon Prime production that you can see through thislink.

Good ommens

Also called “Good Omens” is an original Amazon Prime Video film and tells of the friendship between an angel and a demon who have become fond of life on Earth. However, they are aware that Armageddon (the end of the world) is near. So they will join forces to stop him and find the antichrist. This comedy can be found on the platform by pressing thislink.


If you’re into action, Prime Video has released this series starring Al Pacino, Logan Lerman, and Josh Radnor. The context is set in New York City in 1977 and highlights a group of Nazi hunters who discover an ancient plan to create a Fourth Reich in the United States. This peculiar team will go on a long hunt to find them and do justice. To start watching the first season, press thislink.


Set in the First World War, “1917” (press the link to see the movie) is a war drama in which two British soldiers are on a mission to deliver a message to cancel an attack. In view of this, they must pass the occupied French camp with German soldiers and corpses. If they do not fulfill the entrusted mission, a massacre will be unleashed in which 1,600 soldiers will die and among them is the brother of one of the soldiers.

The scandal

Based on a true story, “The Scandal” tells the case of Roger Ailes: executive director of the Fox News channel who was accused of sexual harassment by 23 women in his work team. This film closely follows the perspective of the victims and how they managed to bring down one of the most powerful men on television. If you want to detail this plot more, press thislink and it will redirect you to Amazon Prime Video.


It is an original story from Prime Video starring Julia Roberts. It is a series centered on Heidi, a psychologist who works in a civil and social transition program for the military. After a while, the company wonders why Heidi left her job, which will begin to reveal several grim secrets of the company. It has two seasons and you can start watching it by pressing thislink.

A reason to live

Also known as “Breathe”, it is a film that describes a British survivor of polio contracted in Kenya in 1958. At just 28 years old, the young man was left a quadriplegic and with an artificial respirator. Thanks to his wife, he was able to leave the hospital and live longer than those diagnosed to advocate for people with disabilities. It is an inspiring story with a great moral. You can start to see it through thislink.

Queen & Slim

A film denouncing human rights, racism and abuse of power. “Queen & Slim” is about an African American couple who, during their date, murder a policeman in self-defense who wanted to put them in jail for no reason. Therefore, the couple begins an escape to protect themselves. If this story caught your attention, press thislink to see it.

despues de

If you like movies with youth love themes, “After” is a good option on the list. The plot revolves around a young woman named Tessa who enters the freshman year of college and focuses on keeping her job as an intern to graduate, but meets Hardin Scott with whom she falls madly in love and begins to awaken her sexual side. If you want to go deeper into the story, press thislink to see the movie.

Train to Busan

If you like zombie apocalypse movies, then “Train to Busan” or “Zombie Station” will suit you. This South Korean plot focuses on telling the story of a train that goes from Seoul to Busan, but one of the passengers has a deadly virus that turns people into carnivorous zombies, therefore everyone will look for a way to survive. It is entertaining and with an unexpected ending. To see it, press the followinglink.

The death poet Society

In case you’re into the classics, Amazon Prime Video has included a 1989 movie starring Robin Williams called “The Society of Dead Poets.” It focuses on the history of a prestigious men’s university in the United States with a private professor who will teach them freedom of thought through poetic reading and the different arts. Here you have available thelink for you to start enjoying this movie.

Lady macbeth

“Lady Macbeth” takes place in England in 1865, when a young woman named Katherine marries a man she does not love and is twice her age. As time goes by, a passion arises between her and a farm worker, but her husband finds out about this romance and they decide to assassinate him. In this way, they will face all the wrath of the family and hide the murder. To see this movie, you just have to press thislink.

Dark waters

“Dark waters” (press this link to see the movie) is another story based on true events. It tells the life of a corporate lawyer who discovers that the deaths and illnesses in the small town where he lives are directly related to the chemical company for which he works. To demonstrate the truth to all the people, he will risk his profession, future and family.

The lighthouse

The story revolves around two lighthouse keepers who must take care of a lighthouse until the relay arrives to return to land. Therefore, they will have to live together for 4 weeks, but the storm, the confinement and the isolation will be triggers for the confrontation between the two over hierarchies of power. It stars Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattison. To see this movie, you just have to press thislink.


If you like Boxing movies like Rocky and Muhammad Ali, then “Creed” will be one of your favorites. It stars Michael B. Jordan who plays Adonis Johnson, son of Apollo Creed, the world heavyweight champion. Upon arriving in Philadelphia he asks Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone) to be his personal trainer, as he wants to become a professional wrestler like his father. To know more details of the movie, go to thislink.

The man in the castle

This Netflix original series shows a hypothetical but interesting setting about the fate of the United States if it had lost World War II and were ruled by Japan and Germany. It has had such a good reception from users that it is one of the most recommended series on the platform. Press thislink to start watching all 4 seasons.

The wonderful Mrs. Maisel

Prime Video also bets on comedy series. For this reason, its producers have created “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”, the story of a woman abandoned by her husband in New York in 1958. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she realizes that she is good at performing comedy shows. live. You can start to see this fun series through thislink.


This series is based on the book by Roberto Saviano and revolves around the best transported, consumed business with the highest profitability rates: cocaine. Due to globalization, all the countries of the world are connected through maritime or air trade, which is ideal for transporting large tons, in this case from Mexico to Calabria. If you want to see this peculiar series, just press thislink.

Between knives and secrets

This crime thriller revolves around the death of Harlan Thrombey just after celebrating his 85th birthday. Two inquisitive detectives try to test their relatives and discover self-serving lies added to a web of false leads. “Between knives and secrets” you can see it on Amazon Prime Video through thislink.

The Florida Project

This film describes the story of the people who were greatly affected by the social and economic crisis in the United States. Families without resources are forced to take refuge in cheap motels located in one of the most touristy areas of the country: Orlando (Florida). With thislink you can access the film on Prime Video.

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