The best Christmas songs: carols to sing this end of the year

The Christmas carols have always been present in homes around the world, accompanying the celebrations of this beautiful holiday. That is why each country was in charge of adapting the popular Christmas musical themes to their language. Making songs like ” Jingle Bells” and “Silent Night” become part of the culture of the planet, crossing language barriers since, despite being of European origin, they are known even in Latin American countries.

In addition, there is another fantastic repertoire of Christmas carols that is ideal for setting the Christmas Eve gathering or the New Year’s party. Some are performed by renowned artists, such as Burrito Sabanero (Juanes), Noche de Paz (Luis Miguel), El Niño del Tambor (Carlos Rivera), etc. In the following text, you will find the playlist that any Christmas lover would like to hear at the most special time of the year.

Jingle bells

It is probably the best known Christmas carol in the world. Its original version was published in 1857 by the composer J. Pierpont, in Boston, under the title “One Horse Open Sleigh”, which translated into Spanish means “Uncovered sleigh of a horse.” Which showed a harmonization and structuring similar to what is heard today.

After two years, this song was modified by an unknown artist and reappeared with the name ” Jingle Bells, or One Horse Open Sleigh.” It should be mentioned that this theme is not exactly a Christmas carol, as it does not refer to any of the characteristic elements of this holiday. However, it has become one of the most popular with the public.

Silent Night

It has been part of UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage since 2011. It was written by FX Grüber, Austrian, for the 1818 Christmas ceremony held in the church of St. Nicolas in Oberndorf. This song is described and attributed to two different versions, the first is the most widespread. This account that said melody was required by the parish priest, also the author of the lyrics, at the time to accompany it with guitar music in the Church choir.

Since the organ was damaged, although there is no documentation of the latter. While the other version, it is attributed to the urgent care provided by a doctor on Christmas Eve.

An interesting fact about “Silent Night” is that this Christmas carol had its most iconic interpretation in the middle of the war trenches between the English and the Germans, in 1914. Where both sides sang the melody and gave a cease-fire, although they did not have authorization from their superiors.

The little drummer

The Little Drummer is another of the most popular Christmas songs. Its origin is not clearly established, as some think that it is of Czech origin. While others attribute it to the opera by the Frenchman J. Massanet at the beginning of the 19th century. However, its first appearance was in the United States, by the American pianist Katherine K. Davis, in 1941.

In any case, this song quickly became popular in Latin America and the rest of the world, thanks to the different artists who perform it regularly. This as a result of the massive emigration of Europeans fleeing the Second World War, in addition to its catchy melody.

Adeste Fideles

The appearance of this song dates between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and, like the previous one, its origin is not entirely clear. Since a Portuguese style is attributed (created by King Juan IV of Portugal) and also English. However, despite being one of the most popular Christmas carols in the world, Adeste Fideles is not one of the most performed. Given its Latin language, which does not appear as an international language today.

Merry Christmas

It was written in 1870 by José Feliciano. It occupies the position number 15 in the list of the 25 songs of Christmas more listened to in the United States. Its incredible popularity is due to its simple interpretation, where the verse is in English and Spanish. What has made different artists of a world-wide character interpret their own version of the famous Christmas carol, among them Thalía ft. Michael Bublé, Boney M., Celine Dion, Jaci Velázquez, Los Tres Tenores, etc.

My Burrito Sabanero

It is a popular Christmas carol of Venezuelan origin, written by the composer of the same nationality, Hugo Blanco, in 1972. His first performance was made by the folk singer Simón Diaz, on his album “Las gaitas de Simón”, where he was accompanied by the children’s choir of Venezuela. Later, it was performed by the group of Venezuelan children “La Rondillita” in 1975, under the voice of the little soloist Ricardo Cuenci, in 1975.

It is worth mentioning that it was this last interpretation that gained great popularity in Latin America and Europe, from the 1970s to the present day. Therefore, great interpreters of music, such as Juanes and Aloe Blacc, have recorded their own version of “Mi burrito sabanero” for their countries of origin, the latter included it on his album “Christmas Funk” (2018/2019) in Castilian.

Similarly, there are English versions available on digital platforms, such as YouTube, under the name My Little Donkey.

Come to sing

Performed by the Mexican group “La hermandad” in the 80s. Which was made up of different artists and groups of the time that met only for the recording of the album “Eterna Navidad”, in which this Christmas carol is found.


One more year

Originally performed by the group “Mecano” in 1988. This single is part of the album “Descanso Dominical”. It is a Christmas song that talks about celebrating a New Year’s Eve in Puerta del Sol, Madrid. This theme of this festival has been adapted to other languages ​​and was recently performed by various artists for the Univisión channel.

The fish in the river

Despite being a Christmas carol with Arabic influence, the origin of “Fish in the river” is uncertain. However, the song is performed by millions of families in the world and adapted to each different country or culture. His lyrics speak of the chores of Mary after the birth of Jesus, so his style is basically religious. It is worth mentioning that it has been performed by different artists, including: Manolo Escobar and the group “Siempre thus”.

We are brothers

This Christmas song was recorded and performed by brothers Paty and Alex Sirvent. Those who, after a long artistic career, decided to join voices for the song “We are brothers” that would be included in Patylu’s album. The song talks about forgiveness and love that should exist in the family.

Santa Claus arrived to the city

It is an adaptation into Spanish of the Christmas song “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”, of American origin. Its version in Latin Spanish was written by Juan Carlos Calderón and performed by the Mexican singer Luis Miguel. “Santa Claus Came to Town” was included on his album “Christmas”, released in November 2006 by WEA Latina.

White Christmas

It was originally written by Irving Berlin. However, it was Bing Crosby’s interpretation and adaptation that made this Christmas carol the most popular of all time, according to the Guinness Book of Record. Over time it has been adapted to the style of many artists, including Lady Gaga and Alejandro Fernández to perform it before the public.

In front of the fireplace

It is an adaptation made for the interpretation of the singer Luis Miguel to its Spanish version. Although it has certain variants based on the original, since it focuses more on the romantic style of the Mexican. This is included, along with other Christmas songs, in his Christmas album.

Christmas is here

It is another of the most listened to Christmas carols in the world. This one, like many others described throughout this list, has been adapted and rewritten by many people for its original interpretation. Its last modification is sung by Ozuna, together with the group Generación Escogida and Christian Nieves.

Christmas cumbia

This Christmas song is a bit different from the others, as its rhythm focuses on cumbia, instead of the traditional tinkling of Christmas carols. It is interpreted by the group of the Yaipen brothers, of Peruvian origin and is ideal to set any celebration of this festivity.

Christmas for the poor

It is a musical theme that expresses the difference between “Christmas for the rich” and “Christmas for the poor”. It reflects a mixture of melancholy and joy that has conquered millions of people. He is original of the band of regional musicians “Los tigres del norte”, typical of Mexico.

Rockabilly christmas

This remix of popular Christmas songs adapted to the rhythm of rock is special to set the Christmas Eve party. It contains a list of Christmas carols, including many of those mentioned in this list, for example, “Santa Claus came to town.” If you are looking for something classic, but original, this is your best option.

Cannon fire

It is another popular Venezuelan Christmas carol that refers to the celebration of Christmas inside a barracks. Its rhythm to the beat of the drum is contagious and its simple but emotional lyrics make it easy for the little ones to interpret.

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